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  1. Every forum made turns into a ZAFT arguement ? Jackson, Your moles supply me with more than enough information than needed
  2. You're not the worst person in KaW.

  3. *Fixed and yay ewok back from dead
  4. That didnt last long lol
  5. Don't talk **** on your own thread. We're notan osw clan and therefore spread no information in cc. Moles are welcome here!
  6. Dont see many of these nowadays
  7. Idiots like these are hard to come by brother. He's a huge idiot.
  8. I'm back atom , lol
  9. No acceptable, Carry on the hits! :3
  10. This is pathetic.
  11. Its just someone's alt. Lol
  12. No, that's his main..
  13. Killer and ninja wth is wrong with the both of you .... bunch of idiots -_-
  14. Nah. This is his main lmao xD
  15. What are you talking about goat lover. What is it your business if he was KOTFE?
  16. His "main" not even 20m spy attack. Who's accomplishment is this? a person? A clan?
    Geez whiz. Lol. N people think "I'm" a bully. :D lol
  17. Hits still going?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.