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  1. To l3ad company and my former group. I am sorry for being a moronic imbecile. I am requesting a CF. To Red; I'm sorry for doing what I did. It won't happen again
  2. What? No new nicknames? No apology is legitimate without a new nickname!
  3. ^Accurate
  4. Better not youngsters or I will put you over my knee again and spank you till you bleed.
  5. Dats bantz
  6. Priceless, now it's our turn.
  7. It's not legit until you list all the ppl in KaW who done you wrong & call me the 'worst person in KaW' again… 
    You know, like your last three forum posts.
  8. And another one bites the dust
  9. Was "the killer machine"?
  10. Yup, the double mole that was in Kotfe and LR etc.
  11. CF granted to killer and his group of secret assasins.
  12. Wrong! You mean "Assassins"... *Moonface* ;)
  13. DBAG1 isn't kotfe anymore?
  14. You are NOT ZAFTIE anymore?
  15. No, I was just asking DBAG1 a question not gonna chat with an autistic goat philanderer
  16. shots
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.