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  1. I would like to publically apologize to Queen who is in the clan True Spartans, as I spreaded false rumors about her, and another member of True Spartans. This was sparked out of rage from a WC argument. I would like to apologize and I sha'll not spread any other rumors about her to attempt to defame her. I also involved a member named KingLeonidas, I would like to formally apologize to him as well for involving him in something he wasn't included in.

    After I said these things i regretted them, even though I may not have shown it. I'm sincerely sorry to True Spartans, Queen and Leonidas, plus anyone else who was involved in the argument, what I said was unnecessary and was an extremely stupid thing to say.

    This was by me only, and nobody else. I did not do this on behalf of anyone but myself. I joined Fenris after I committed these actions.

    To moderators - I did this through pm and classified it as a scandal and did not breach ToU - Just to cover my ass. XD

    Sincerely, Tanked. XxX
  2. 2 paragraphs isn't very sincere.

    You apologised, shore but sincerity is important.

    edit:so op edited another paragraph in hm.
  3. And I thought I couldn't spell looks as though KaW players are bad for it.
  4. Why would you apologize? It's a game on the internet if people can't deal with trolls and hate for no reason they shouldn't be online especially on a war game lol
  5. Wow I just looked at all the autocorrects xD let me fix so you don't have to decipher it.
  6. It's alright mate at least it readable unlike pimds threads.
  7. Dis is a war game, why apologise?

    If it were me..... Apology declined -insert moonface here-
  8. Good to see sum1 owning up for their bs, too often ppl on the internet forget that there are real ppl on the other end :)
  9. Oh idk why he should appologise............the stuff he said to me could probably get him banned :roll:
  10. Seems honest and legit. Hope you get that cf
  11. :eek:
  12. I see this dude talking smack in wc all the time. So frist time someone gets sick of it and hits you this is what happens?
  13. Locked per op request via pm
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