Apology to MS/M5 and rest of N4S

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  1. A deep heart felt apology to whoever I offended in the line group in N4S I especially want to point out that I did not expect my words to hurt anyone the way they did. Some times we dont understand what we really did who we hurt or how we hurt someone until it's too late.

    I'm sorry to everyone at Need4Speed, I again want to apologize to gamma, kristy, rose, spongecake and feeye. Sorry for targeting you guys in any way it's a mistake I regret.

    I have been targeted for the last week by a special person MS as many of u know he is quite a popular fellow. I humbly request a cease fire in the light of all the negative that went on.

    Then people of PB and Kotfe are not a force to be reckon with I bow down in defeat.
  2. Good job, MS 😂
  3. I say strip him again.
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  4. Lmfaoo this is sad
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  5. 🤔🤔
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  6. Boy this dude made a whole forum CF 😂 I better not see yo ass talking tuff again 💯💯 this sad
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  7. On god
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  8. Good show.
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  9. Love to see it
  10. My goodness what was said that all this was the result?
  11. Damn I had almost forgotten about this
  12. Lmao a forum CF. Made my day