Apology to Divine Regiment

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  1. To all at Divine Regiment and family,

    I am writing to apologize for farming your members. We were quick to jump into osw without knowing the full nature of the situation. We are sorry for any damaged caused.

    As far as the osw goes, you all fought very hard and very consistent. I tip my hat to you and your clan. Although I must admit defeat, we just couldn't last the test of time. Well fought and again I apologize for any trouble caused and will be more attentive to the details from here on.

  2. CF granted. Respect to you and your clan for a well fought war and for stepping up with this forum post.
  3. Lol don't mess with divine regiments
  4. You all fought a good war on both sides.
  5. Glad we could all just get over it :)
  6. Respect and well fought
  7. Respect to the 4 horseman for the apology.
  8. Much respect.

    ÐłVł₦E ƦEGłME₦Ŧ ₩ÐGλ₣
  9. DR . A force to be reckoned with. 

    Nice cf tread btw. Very classy 
  10. I support this thread ;) lol
  11. Report to everyone...you guys put up a good fight
  12. Wow that was meant to say respect...stupid phone
  13. Very nice well done. I have to admire t4. They truly do not back down hats off to t4 as well
  14. A clan admitted cf in forums. Got balls don't ya there
  15. Hats off to Heinous an a Mwat baby. You two caused me grief when tracking you ツ

    Shayne1 please don't derail this thread. They warred, fought well, an we have respect for them. Please return to your ebs an stay of this thread.
  16.  well done DR Respect
  17. By the way I'm not a eb noob. WoF wasn't trying to derail thread it's just that most clans don't apologize publicly and I'm saying good job to the horseman to man up and do that
  18. If I offended anyone sorry.