Apology thread with Explanation

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by Eric_Northman, May 22, 2013.

  1. Cant believe some of the idiots on this thread.

  2. Eric, Melissa just told me that she secretly thinks Kyle is a woman, and she doesn't swing that way. Anymore.

    Now's your chance man. Grab the cloth and that little bottle I gave you and go get her back!

    Kylie is supposed to be taking her to the movies in a bit. But shhh. If she finds out I told you she'll be angry with me.
  3. That was the weirdest apology thread I've ever read...
  4. I'm done. I quit. Goodbye.
  5. Every night on the phone??? And only four hours??? The nerve of him going to a family function and lying about it...
  6. 'Tis a troll guise...
  7. Overreactions fuel this venture... (/).-)
  8. Drgn, you exposed me. Expect the unexpected.
  9. This is Eric's mother, you can call me Mrs Northman.

    Everyone please be nice to Eric, he's distraught at the moment, he hasn't come out of his basement since this happened and hasn't eaten a thing.

    Oh and Melissa honey, to think I cooked you my special lasagne, you're nothing but an ungrateful hussy.
  10. Drgn honestly you deleted my comments.. For no reason. No bypasses, no warning, nothing. Explanation??
  11. LMAOOO@ Monneh

    Best of!! This is one of the best trolls ever!
  12. I deleted?

    What are you talking about,
  13. Melissa. Eric has asked me to compose a medley of your favorite band, so I have.

    Uh lookit dis fotograf

    N dis is hao yoo rehmahnd meh of wut hah really ham!
    S nah like yoo to say soaree so rahma noo a diffrahnt stohree
    Hahnd this haart hihs brakhin
    Stoh rahma noo mah haart hihs brakhin
    An I've bin wrahng! I've bin dahm!
    So rahma noo mah different stohree
    It's lah werds in mah head
    Loh stoh my rahma fohget

  14. I have a solution:
    Eric: go have relationship with family. Leave KaW. Find girl that's worth your time.
    Mel: dump Eric. Leave KaW. Find boyfriend that can supply your impossibly high needs (more than four hours nightly? Seriously?)

    This way, Northman has his good relations with his family and a girlfriend who can appreciate and support that, Mel can (eventually) get someone that can live up to her expectations, and none of us have to deal with you two whining about your problems. The end.
  15. Drgn! Y U NO BEST OF?
  16. Eric, at the end of the day mel is being immature, you slipped and lets be honest it happens to everyone, I did something similar about a month ago...but mel is trying to control you, 4 hours on a Skype call? You gotta be joking...that's insane. And if I recall my facts right it wasn't that long ago Melissa slipped up in her moderator position...
  17. I can't tell if these responses are sarcasm, ignorance or people going along with it... >.<