Apology thread with Explanation

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by Eric_Northman, May 22, 2013.

  1. One song comes to mind: RUN TO THE HILLS, RUN FOR YOU LIFE.
  2. Also this is starting to sound like a troll no offence if its not
  3. Melissa, if he's willing to respond to every message you send him, even insulting ones, and keep pursuing you, I think that you should be willing to let him go to his Brother's party.

    Humans hate being restrained and held back.
  4. Actually "Man of Constant Sorrow"From O Brother Where Art Thou comes to mind....
  5. Wtf why are all my comments deleted, Drgn?
  6. I'm Kyle btw, Eric; you ****** up bad! But I ain't annoyed with you. Thanks for helping me bud keep in touch 
  7. Drgn is right, give up his family for you! Yes what more can he do gods sake
  8. @eric, someone that makes you chose family over the other is not someone you wanna be with. Dump her and move on , like ppl always say ...there are plenty of fish in the ocean lol
  9. Salmon, that's exactly correct, Eric should run like hell, seems as though Melissa is not giving in and forgiving.
  10. Only for 4 hours a night?! Wow he does ******* care about it and you're to stuck up in your own world to see that Melissa. You don't deserve someone like Eric.
  11. LMMAAOOOO!!!

    By the way, it's obviously a troll. All Eric's posts are. It's just subtle.
  12. Yes, I am Kyle as I have stated before on the previous page.
  13. Iron maiden knows all
  14. If this is a troll then why is Melissa pissed at him??
  15. Cause Melissa is selfish.
  16. WAIT!

    They were legit a couple?? Not just one of Eric's trolls!?

  17. He lies!!!!!

    I am Kyle.

    Eric' you ****** up bad! But I ain't annoyed with you. Thanks for helping me bud keep in touch.
  18. Maybe they collaborated on the troll? Idk, I'm just a stupid freak.
  19. I didn't even know lovely,it's news to me