Apology thread with Explanation

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by Eric_Northman, May 22, 2013.

  1. This thread was hilarious.
    Keep the story going.
  2. Forget that controlling freak. Family first. If she can't except you and your family then tell her to **** off Bro.
  3. Blablabla problems bla
  4. Who necro bumped this..?
  5. LOL i remember this thread. Dam kids! Eric is prob living a happier life now without her doing anyone, i mean anything he wants. :) theres no wrath like a womans scorn hehe. Women are bigger snakes than the fellas! Thats a fact!
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  7. how'd this get bestof?
  8. So Mel's thread got deleted for personal stuff. This seems personal too. Remove it mods
  9. Just forget about that " princess ", family always comes first ;)
  10. Yay. Hate me more~
  11. It's ok Fox, I love you.
    I don't know you but.