Apology thread with Explanation

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  1. @lazy
    I think it's an online relationship...
    Idk I didn't read the entire thread
  2. My blowup doll doesn't complain when I go away to attend my brother's birthday..

    .. She just have the expression of slightly bemused surprise on her face.
  3. Sigh.......

    Mel, Eric look you guys seem happy ok but Mel look family is important first cause family needs each other,

    If Eric can't able to live he's own life and you keep ordering him around like this and it's a shame in this relationship,

    In the relationship both male and female needs to work as a team to keep the relationship happy and strong but Mel no disrespect towards you but man lighten up a bit like seriously,

    If he's skyping for a few hours daily and that's enough that he shows love for you, if he lives with you then that's even better,

    What I see ATM is child's play what all I am seeing but it's true,

    Couples needs to work as one not like this,

    Mel if he's trying to apologize to you and keep fighting for you don't you think this is enough that shows he's love towards you?

    Now go spend some time with each other and talk about what can help in this relationship if you want a family of your own which clearly I can See what you want then go talk about the plans for you're future :)
  4. EPIC!

    Erik, you're a moron...

    Mel, look me up!

    Mel just needs somone to be "daddy"

    and Erik....needs.... a spine.....
  5. Damn........good luck eric.............you fail troll
  6. i luv these threads... they just make me laugh :lol:
  7. I'm sorry but if she can't accept you having time with you family why wasn't it you that ended it Eric

    I've never loved anyone like that before so wouldn't know what's it's like but she has to accept family is important to you as well as her

    Ask her if you ever get the chance if she is aloud to see her families celebrations
  8. Oh my god you're gaaaaaay dude!
  9. Oh and that wasnt directed to op it was directed to Mel. If she's gonna throw a bf over that then... Damn! Idek
  10. Get your balls out of her purse 
  11. Guys, this was last year
  12. Last year, but still no room for this type of selfishness in the world..
  13. Thanks here for unlocking this thread.

    Best of threads should never be locked for bumping imo. Shoukd remain open and be allowed to comment .
  14. weell then, I was going to troll in here but the op clearly beat me to it
  15. Everyone feels sorry for Eric... But he did lie to her. Thats probably why she was upset.

    Anyone know what happened to them now?
  16. My own personal experience bro, family will always be family. Girls come and go. Unless your trying to marry her and start yourself a family with her, your family should not be outcasted due to a female .
    I don't know the extent of your relationship , but it dose sound like some trust issues and that's not good karma for any relationship.
    That's all I got️ good luck , women are complicated
  17. Lol, i see this is from a year ago, but please tell me this is a joke! Drop her at the nearest corner and find another one of the billions of women on this earth!