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Discussion in 'Best Of' started by Eric_Northman, May 22, 2013.

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  2. Mr TheDeuce (if that is your real name),

    I don't know what you're trying to imply with that "tit" comment, but I'll have you know that Eric hasn't been breast fed since he was 12.
  3. Holy **** 
  4. I meant exactly what I said.

    You can't be a man without leaving the pouch, Joey.

    Women don't respect a man who will cave at his moms demands.
  5. If this is a troll , it is a funny and well made one, However, if it is not, then I just say to try your best.
  6. Willy, what Skype acc is mrsthedeuce on?? Miss a party for a woman?? Please ppl serious lack of manliness here
  7. Does letting the world know all about your problem help the situation at all?
    Besides, some people don't deserve a second chance
    For example, I gave my ex a second chance the first she broke up with me
    I bought her bull **** about being sorry
    A few weeks later she dumps me for getting pissed off cuz she was always hanging out with this one guy, because I supposedly had no reason to
    They are dating, and her friend told me she admits to have having interest in him for several weeks
    That's what happens when you date a compulsive bull shitter (yes, it's that bad. Compulsive liar doesn't come close)
    Not saying Eric is like that
    I'm just saying, I thought I could trust her. I thought I should give her a chance, and I was wrong
  8. Alrighty, before I say anything, I am just going to say that I view this thread is completely legit.

    After I read this thread. I am not on your side. I am not on Melissa's side. I just want to end this issue (or bring it closer to ending) so you will not post any more threads like this and so this will die.
    You are obviously too attached to Melissa. Obviously if she wants you to give up time with your family, she is not worth your time (as others have stated in this thread). You need to let go and move on with your life. There are plenty of fish in the sea, why did you have to pick Melissa? Were you specifically looking for a nag that wants you to value her over family? She is not your family, the love you both share is not love. Love is much greater than you two.

    Shut up... I mean no disrespect, but shut the heck up. You are asking Eric to do something he simply cannot do. He gives you everything you ask, but the one time he says no, you say it's over, I quit. You are very annoying and very immature. I (and pretty much everyone here, I am guessing) am ashamed of you. I looked up to you as a forumer, but now I have seen that it was a mistake. I have lost all respect for you. You need to get your priorities straight. I'm not going to say anything else because I do not even want to communicate with you.

    @Everyone else
    Let this freaking thread die.
  9. Besides, getting back with your ex is like adding an extra bullet for Russian roulette
  10. Bump
    im loving this
  11. We can't let it die cuz it's so damn funny watching the continued stupidity of posters like you 
  12. Lol
    The song "letter bomb" came on when I checked this thread
    How ironic XD
  13. You know, the funny thing is Cynderstryke has quite a point. Lol 
  14. @ Death

    My wife doesn't Skype. I actually make time every day to talk to her face to face.

    I even made a hollowed out computer monitor to put in front of my face, as to simulate Skype.

    That way, she can't say she never goes on the 'puter.

    @ Qwerty

    I feel your pain.
  15. Lol.
    If you're serious (and I can't be bothered working that out) then this is bull ****. Getting pissed at your love because they love their family is pathetic, and although I'm not a fan of op, she doesn't deserve him. Op? You're better. Forget her. She's disloyal to you, cheating on you because you went to most likely your brothers only wedding.
  16. @penguin
    Posting on, even to tell people to just let it die, brings if back on active topics, preventing it from going away
  17. Nah willy don't
    I'm the dumbass for believing her :lol:
  18. Waaaiiiit, Let me ask this one thing.
    Why didn't she go with him 0.o?
  19. I'm guessing this is a huge troll.
  20. She probably cheated on him because he isn't a real man yet.

    It's a harsh lesson, but if you were more of a man, Eric, she wouldn't have cheated on you.