Apology thread with Explanation

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  1. Fine, its a KaW relationship, doesn't make it any less real.
  2. What a beautiful thread of love.... Melissa is obviously undeserving but you can't stop love...
  3. I'd prob just grab a renter once a week for an empty, heaps less drama
  4. Dear john;
    Too much personal info on op's thread. TOU states no personal info should be divulged. But OP has his heart ripped out by Melissa. And instead if talking to her directly , OP wants to share with the rest of us. How should I respond?
    KAW RL Issues.
  5. Dragon. It takes a real man to do what op did... So beautiful...
  6. This is war game not a Dr.Phil show. This just proves online or internet dating doesnt work. What ever happened to people meeting dating and growing a relationship. How can you be close when the closest you get is a computer screen. Imo end this rubbish go your own way in life and meet people the old way. Go out to bars and meet some one wants you for you.
  7. Why must people show so much opposition for young love? If it was meant to be, then it was meant to be. Trying to prevent two people who are madly in love from being together will never succeed. Love triumphs all. Have you learned nothing from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?
  8. Trying to keep them apart, will push them closer together.
  9. I learned. Women cause male suicide.
  10. By that logic, men cause woman suicide too.
  11. No. Because there is no logic behind your statement.
  12. No, seperation anxiety causes female suicide. Seriously, women need to learn how not be so weak.
  13. Juliet died because she could no longer live in a world without the man whom she loved so dearly.

    Romeo just couldn't put up with the persistent nagging any longer.
  14. I met my wife the hard way.... Chased her down!
    Get out OP , meet her, get to know her.
    Then it's a relationship. Internet offers a venue to meet, but to grow that relationship, one must take the next step and meet. Then go from there.
    Airing yr dirty laundry in a game environment just makes u look desperate, immature.
    Keep personal things just that personal , talk in PM, askin a forum will get you flamed on man!
    But I hope things work out! Mel is a great gal and I hope the best for her and you. If that's what she wants!
    Don't go all stalker on her though! Cause that would not be cool!
  15. *Please note I don't know either of these people or what they are like.

    First of all, Melissa seems very selfish. It was Eric's brother's birthday. How are you going to tell him he can't go? Do you not attend your family events?

    Second, Melissa seems to be overreacting a ton. Eric said he was sorry like a thousand times, and the first thing she says is how she can tell he hates her? Woman are you blind, stupid, or both?

    For all I know, Eric could be a total jerk. But from all evidence provided, Melissa is just nuts...
  16. I had a KAW relationship with Eric during the last war. But I was fail assn pot burning him so it was one sided.. And he didn't find me 'attractive' enough (pure spies are never attractive) to reply..

    I wub u Eric!..

    Melissa.. That gnocchi is getting cold
  17. I'm at fault here, not her, I betrayed her trust and went to his birthday instead of being on skype with her, I'm an *** and don't deserve anyone as good as Melissa.