Apology thread with Explanation

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  1. Well, I guess after our commotion, slight derailment of a thread yesterday and a bunch of messages I received asking what was going on its obvious and at this point public that me and Melissa are having problems. I'm not here to further increase the drama, but to apologize to Melissa for doing things that she had clearly voiced her distaste against and to save face in front of the forum community. Our problems started on Saturday when I told Melissa I was interested in going to go to my brothers 21st birthday party, which resulted in her getting extremely angry that 1) I would rather spend my time with my family than with her, which isn't true, at all and I would rather be with her more than anyone in the world, 2) I would be around drugs and alcohol which she hates, and 3) That I would be around other women at the party. After telling my brother about the situation he told me to just go and not tell her which seemed like a great idea at the time. Once I got home from the party and was talking to her she could tell I had been drinking that night and I admitted I had gone to the party. She immediately disconnected and refused to speak to me for over 36 hours. On Monday she told me that she had met up with her ex boyfriend because I wasn't loyal to her and that she wanted to end the relationship and get back with her ex. I pretty much broke down crying and apologizing to her that I went to the party and would never talk to my brother again if she would forgive me and we could go back to the way things were, to which she responded she would think about it and let me know tomorrow. Tuesday is when things became really dramatic and really started to hurt me, she began to send me insulting messages and telling me that I wasn't trustworthy, that I love my family more than her and we can never be together because she isn't #1 to me (again, not true, I would rather be with you than anybody else), and that I couldn't even do small things she asked me like not going to the party. I responded to all of these messages by apologizing and trying to convince her what she was saying is false, that I could follow her directions, that I loved her more than anyone in the world, and that I would never do anything to hurt her. A few hours after the messages stopped she began to rant about me on a thread which was almost immediately deleted by Drgn as it contained embarrassing/personal information about myself (If anyone have SS's of what was said I ask that you please honor my wishes and delete them, or at the least not repost them).

    At this point, I'm tired of fighting and I made this thread to let people understand the situation I'm in better, and most importantly, again, to apologize to Melissa for what I've put her through by not doing what she asked of me, not having my priorities in order, and most importantly for betraying her trust and not being honest with her. I love you and just want to go back to the way things were.
  2. I hope you get her back Eric,beat of luck man:3
  3. Are ******* serious Eric?
  4. Do u know her in real life?
  5. She's....Mad...Because...your...spending time with your family?...WTF lol
  6. I don't know bro. Last night in bed before she passed out she sounded pretty mad. I hope you guys and work this out. 
  7. Your family SHOULD be more important to you. If she can't see that then she's the one with the problem. Show a little dignity and backbone dude.
    On a side note spilling your guts on forums like this is just wrong.
  8. Not your average kaw apology thread 
  9. I still can't tell when your serious but if so best of luck
  10. Melissa listen to someone your not angry about, Eric made a mistake. Mistakes are a part of life and couples have to deal with them. Have a talk about forgiveness and you guys should resize that you love each other. You probably have a time when you wanted someone to forgive you and they wouldn't. Thinks bout that feeling and let Eric through so you guys can talk, forgive, forget.
  11. First and last time ill post in forums. Any girl that makes you choose between your family and her has her priorities mixed up and is being selfish. I don't even know the details but trust me, if its really her making you make a choice, neither of you will be happy in the long run
  12. Bwahahahahahahaha. Eric....your a genius bro.
  13. Babe I love you and I'm sorry
  14. Wow, I feel bad for you Eric. And Melissa you should let him see his family, he grew up with them and can't see them ever cause you don't want him to? That just seems a little bit selfish to me.
    Tom Brady!
  15. I don't see the problem, sorry. If you truly trust and love him Melissa, you should believe that he wouldn't do anything to mess up your relationship. Also, since when is spending time with family bad? I NEVER get to see my family, as they're 100s of miles away. My brother hasn't seen me for at least a year now, and he's the one that picked my username for KaW. I just think that this situation should not have caused so much trouble. If I'm in the wrong, let me know and I'll leave.
  16. It's not a joke, they're having serious problems :|