Apologies to all veteran and actives

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  1. Plus there is no Airborne School in Germany as far as I know of. I can only think of one Airborne School which is in Fort Benning, Georgia.
  2. Best of? This guy is a legend
  3. YOUR A LOOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. OP is probably 10, got over excited and told a white lie about being in the military. No big deal and then there's the stolen valour stuff. Relax, you military guys take stuff on a tap tap game way too seriously.
  5. I respect the op. Unlike all the other 'military vets' on here this guy admitted it was a lie. Gg op. Hurry up and do the same you scrubs.
  6. False.

    England is, in fact, on an island.

    The U.S. Is on a continent.

    Subtle, but important difference.[/quote]

    ....so is Australia an island?  lol

    ....how bout Antarctica is that an island? ? lol
  7. @crazyp23
    Don't tell the active and vets to relax about this. You clearly don't see the shame involved in an action such, as this. It is a crime and punishable by law. It's NO JOKE!
  8. Yep. A Federal Offense indeed. People who have committed Stolen Valor can be locked up behind bars.
  9. Talk about butthurt.
  10. Fake it till you make it
  11. Yeah. Dude is some explicit words that are not approved for game rating.