Apocalypse VS Sucker Punch

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  1. You've both had 13 days to do this already so it shouldn't matter who finished 1St, should matter who did it fastest
  2. I think you meant gong rate to half of KAW on the fastest time  was not just Sp on that eb lol
  3. I am an old man
    My seeds are all spent

    I tried to kiss vixy
    In alpacalips

    But instead got sucker punched

    - Ashes slam poetry
  4. Congrats SP for being the fastest, even though you lost.
    Lol @ Apoc once again proving what fairies they are.
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  6. Team Aella whoop
  7. Props to APOC. Thank you for coming up with the idea originally to beat the unbeatable and show Apoc's power. Thank you for being cool with SP responding with the challenge of the race. Congrats to both clans/families for doing what, up till today, could not be done.

    Apoc had the guts to plan it first, do it first, and finish it first. SP did it a little faster but that's kinda to be expected. I mean, come on, we're eb fairies over here. Haha. We also got to build a roster of eb builds and atk builds. Apoc had the disadvantage of a roster of heavy towered builds and heavy spy builds as that's what kicks ass in OSW.

    All in all though, that was a lot of fun. Nice to see such a large portion of Kaw doing something enjoyable that doesn't involve tons of degrading smack talk and animosity. Again, congrats to all for kicking ass and beating the unbeatable!
  8. Grats to both clans

    Nice efforts. Kudos to all who participated.
  9. Congrats to SP for the fastest time on this eb. Its listed offically as fastest for this week within games' results listing.

  10. How about a weekly Old Man race ??
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  12. Honestly I enjoyed being a spectator for this race however I find it odd how people are finding a way to say Apocalypse won. For an OSW family they showed that even they can compete with the biggest EB based family out there however SP had the fastest time.

    If you run a marathon there is no guarantee both can start running at the same time which is why you have clock time and chip time in long distance races. Simply put because Apoc started the race before SP did they managed to get in a faster clock time. SP started later but because they were faster they got in a faster EB time.

    This was all for fun but people need to stop making excuses and look at the EB records. That tells you all you need to know ;)
  13. Apoc wants the participation award  but its obvious SP beat it with less time.
  14. Kind of like your alliance has recruited half of kaw. Don't hate on Sucker punch because they have better friends than you.

    Congrats Sucker Punch, KaW says you won and that's all that counts.
  15. Its all semantics at this point.....

    Call it a dead heat and set up another T5
  16. The race was who could have the fastest EB time. All you have to do is go and look at EB records for the week.

    Was a fun race Apoc, much respect as always.
  17. seriously

    We did set out to be the first to complete the eb - that was out aim

    Once we found out SP planned to do it the exact same time as us - little friendly competition arose

    In a KaW dominated by events - This was fun and a lot of people worked hard in both clans - was good to see something a little different

    And to our enemies on this thread - the butt hurt is ooooozing out of you all haha Thats the best victory of them all ;)
  18. Any who, how're those allies Kezzer.
  19. Dem allies be stacked
  20. Why would anyone be butthurt that you got all the best and biggest from your huge alliance together to prove that your not the best? I personally laughed ;)