Apocalypse VS Sucker Punch

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  1. So the race is on

    Who will officially complete the old man diabolical eb first

    Both clans are running it right now, will the osw veterans prove an eb cannot beat them. Will Sucker Punch prove leave the eb's to the fairies

    Who will win

    In fact who will even complete the eb....
  2. Devs reduced difficulty by 30%, this means is easier to hit and more damage is done per hit, sucker punch on their first attempt it took them 12 hrs to get to 70% main bar, they managed to get that far by people joining unloading 6 xstals and leaving, it's my opinion no one will complete that epic battle
  3. The old man of the forest Diabolical difficulty decreased by 33%. So, it seems that Sucker Punch and Apocalypse already planned by gather tops to join and started Diabolical around 7am CST.

    x_x - you might right about "no one will complete that eb" okay, let's just find out to see who complete it first and who clear that eb before eb timer expire.

    I'm rooting for SP and Apoc to clear Diabolical officially.
  4. Hell yes. Ive been wanting to see this EB finished ever since they failed it on first attempt, ecstatic to see sucker punch doing it again good luck to both clans!
  5. Sucker Punch won by 17 minutes
  6. And with 1 less participant
  7. We don't see all the people that joined, xtal'd, then left though. Just looking in history is not the most accurate way of seeing how many total participated.
  8. The start time was set by sp and apoc .

    Apoc completed first . And are the winners.

    Not our fault sp admin can't start on time 
  9. I was basing it off of time it took to complete. By the standards set by the two clans, Apoc won. By actual complete time, SP won. Because they made the race themselves, Apoc won due to actually finishing first, therefore winning the race.
  10. Congrats to apoc on being first to finish this eb
  11. Actually Apoc wanted to be the first to complete the eb

    and we did

    so we win
  12. No matter how u look at it time or not we finished it first . they started it late. Should of started same time. So we completed the eb first 

  13. I disagree, if Two people are meant to start a race at the same time but 1 has to tie their shoes just as it begins shouldn't it automatically go to who actually did it the fastest instead of the one who got there first?
  14. Nope, that would be called being unprepared.
  15. I was not trying to say Apoc didn't win the race. By rules the two clans set, they did win. But whenever people go to look in the clan history, SP had a faster complete time. So while Apoc won the race and was the first to complete T5, people are going to think SP won.
  16. And to answer your question, in my opinion, no. While SP did get a faster complete time, both clans agreed to a start time. If I showed up late to a 5k race and got he fastest time, it doesn't T mean I get 1st. Whoever finishes first wins.
  17. Congratulations to Apocalypse for being the first one to complete it, and to Sucker Punch for having the fastest complete time! :)

  19. My congratulations to Apoc, top eb clan in KaW.

    EDIT: Apologies, second best eb clan. It seems SP beat them by a fair margin. Too bad.
  20. Who cares