Apocalypse Christmas Gift to Zaft

Discussion in 'Wars' started by JackVale_v_Hansel, Dec 10, 2015.

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  1. Hey jenni 
  2. Sup bbcakes?
  3. Sounds true to me apoc are really nice :)
  4. Xmas pudding all round then.enjoy
  5. They are still in a war?
  6. Jack how many times are you gonna retire?? Maybe if you werent such a troll youd have something to talk about other than OTHER peoples wars that have 0 to do with you lol.
  7. Nope, don't believe it
  8. I'm gonna start a JackVale fan club
  9. I think he must have taken one of those cannonballs to the dome.
  10. Still waiting for you to holler for more clans. ^
  11. You following me around forums just so you can repeat yourself?

    And you think im going to try and get clans on you? Or is that just something you want to believe so you can feel like "you're taking on all of kaw! Just you and a few stats"?

    Well go get em' champ!
  12. That's the dream, pops!
  13. Shut up b4 I make u drop build again
  14. 3spooky5me
  15. Jack V is a modern day Nostradamus? Oh wait... He/ She is yet to have prophesied anything. Except his/ her own irrelevance to KaW.
  16. Flap Jack should be ur name coz u flap a lot 
  17. This was an home thread created b4 I looked at some stuff thanks for bumping tho :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.