Apoc vs. ZAFT

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Senor_Butthurt, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Apoc are a bit like "The saviours" from The walking dead , saved the whole community from zaft to act in a manner 10 times worse.Bravo.
  2. WOG left Apoc & someone high up in Apoc got a grief with that ?? Get over it & invite other clans into your fold like you always do .
  3. Bachkeda you crack me up can't wait till you cf buddy 
  4. I’ll also be waiting for myself also
  5. Bach..... there’s no repeat action button for your squid eb’s in forums..... you might be in the wrong place 
  6. You ran warbeasts two days ago
  7. Yeah, rotwb to fill time sucks, my point stands bach, your in the wrong place loser
  8. It wasn’t rotwb
  9. Your still in the wrong place squid killer, just saying
  10. Can’t defend your self so you return to your original point? Next person this kids lame
  11. Lol bach you’re the same way  you’re absolutely awful at trash talk and always have been
  12. This thread is nearing 3 years o.o
  13. Wtf? Lmao
  14. Well I guess ZAFT has been defeated.
  15. They didn’t just get defeated. The last ZAFT clan cfed to apocalypse and WDGAF then went ahead and joined them. Seems legit.
  16. Back in those days I tought zaft was unbeatable. They lost only becouse Cella and Redstar left kaw.
  17. Cella still plays.
  18. Why would anyone need a cf from warlor ?
    Wouldn't you first need inc.

    I'm probably just missing something...

  19. Buahhhahaashah that’s funny coming from a scrub azz clan like wog...I haven’t had that good of a kaw laugh in a while