Apoc vs. ZAFT

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  1. If I do recall you were bragging about a 2t strip, and I said yeah then we took 3x more back from you the next day.

    And it's unfortunately, you have no one left like harb to strip.

    And yeah I quit for 6 months, deal with it.
  2. Oh spAde strip? It was 3t and nooooooo not bragging. More like complaining that I had to hire 134 allies to strip only 3t lol
  3. that was a fun strip lol stripping a fairy
  4. 2.4t actually and you got 1.6t. Like I said you only target towerless small accounts, maybe once a month.
  5. I think u talking about the other time we striped him when I hired his virtual gf. Or maybe even one few days later idk. But unlike imf, I'm not into counting pocket change. So if 2.4 or 1.6 makes u sleep better than be our guest lol It's not that he's small and towerless that makes us want to play with him, it's the fact that he runs his mouth a lot but doesn't hit or anything. Even when I was his size this was the case. But I agree - he could use more towers with the amount of yapping he does.
  6. Towers for the weak 
  7. You have 8m sdt, that's too much for the almighty fury.
  8. Did u just call ur owner weak? U hurt his feelings..
  9. So russian why did you all joIn zaft anyways?

    Rumor was fury couldn't strip Elvis for over a year and finally zaft offered to give you the gold and you all still only managed a partial strip.
  10. Troll, u used to be much better at trolling..time to 'retire' again brah u just sad
  11. Zaft still around???? Dang
  12. No answer to my question..?

  13. This is NOT your main dumb dumb. That is your failed stateless acc. Talk with your main or shut up. Stop sniffing my bum lol
  14.  that is all
  15. @noobie,

    Even if this wasn't my main (it really is), I'm still posting with a hitable account. Yours isn't even hitable.

    You spent 5 minutes making an alt so you could post one question on a war thread.

    That's very cowardly.
  16. atleast he got allies worth protecting lol... I see ppl in Fury/ZAFT with huge towers and mp allies - kinda pointless don't ya think? Lol
  17. Why still bump threads? Warbuttsore all excited over one cf? Get over it you hide behind your 

  18. You right Anon vs Aztec perfect example