Apoc vs. ZAFT

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Senor_Butthurt, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Hahahaha.....you sad fools. Keep spending and being oblivion that the devs are farming you in rl. Hahahaha.....
  2. You're
  3. Oblivious*
  4. Real life
  5. Is he saying we dropped out of real life? Or we dropped out of school? How would we make the money to spend if that were true?
  6. Who mentioned food stamps ?
  7. Ill give 50 cent to the dollar.
  8. I got 400 you gonna give me 200 or 250
  9. The break is at 500$. So only 200$ bro.
  10. Way to go Apoc. I drop in randomly to find yall bossing it as usuall.
  11. I thought this was locked. Or was that philo's thread?
  12. Must not have been this one.
  13. They all weak. Sharia Law strong.

    I help both sides find peace
  14. It was phil's thread.

    On a side note, why was this bumped?
  15. Because i wanted to say hi to you heffers. Maybe op should request a lock.
  16. Ppl must be bored to have bumped this
  17. Or interested to See what's goin on. 