Apoc vs Zaft War Discussion(part 2) April 2013

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  1. Well, April is on the way so it is time to recap and update the Apocalypse vs Zaft OSW thread.

    First the recaps from last month.

    I first got a statement from Zaft saying they felt in control and have severely crippled Apoc. Allegedly, Zaft had also been approached numerous times for a ceasefire, but Zaft stated they had no desire for a ceasefire unless the ceasefire conditions included the dissolvement of the clans SE, Apoc, and TS.

    As for what the big leaderboard accounts are doing, the word from Zaft was Redstar and Laoda were hit stripping Chongo bit by bit, with Chongo hitting mostly 150-200 ranked accounts from pin.

    Other news, HoG had a few key members banned for botting, which let to a lot of speculation of whether both sides were botting, but no actual facts came to light. HoG at the time seemed paired off with Faith.

    There was speculation that the strategy against Chongo involved lowering his Bfa to the point where more builds could hit him. There was also a lot of speculation (much debated, mind you) that this whole war was ochestrated to just replace Chongo on the top with Cella.
    After that, the thread had some discussion about why the Faith family entered the war, specifically why they were attacking HoG. It was later pointed out they were brought into the war by an attack on their leader by HoG. The leader in question, LP022, appeared to be working as a strip bank.

    There was some talk about CanadianGal’s role and whether she betrayed Faith and Zaft. CG replied she is loyal to the clan she is in, which at the time was MG. CG later gave up her moderator duties so she could comment more freely. This resulted in a tirade on WC about Laoda, commenting that Zaft was run like a cult.

    It was later revealed that Zaft was actively recruiting moles around Kaw. Some people took this as a sign of weakness, while others stated this was just standard OSW practice.

    A conspiracy theory then flew around the forum, with a player name HolyDomo claiming that the devs changed the mechs to favor Zaft. It was noted by several people that the pot mechanics were questionable at best, although there is no proof this had anything to do with Zaft.

    It was stated that Kotfe was very active in the war, willing to fight to the death. Seems they earned their enemy’s respect.

    Next came up was the Zaft UK episode. Apparently they kicked three members which didn’t sit well with everyone. I got a pm from a distraught member saying the clan atmosphere was the worst and that Zaft UK was getting to leave Zaft. Later Zaft UK leaders contacted me saying that no such thing was going to happen any time soon.

    After that was the whole Sarcbat saga. Sar ran from the war and asked for a cf, then when on to make a new clan that contain osw runners. This was perhaps not his brightest idea, because Zaft then took his cf to be insincere, and stripped him again. Later he stripped himself by tearing down his build. He is now presently a T5 spy.

    Chongo later changed his build to include more spy towers. He is presently listed at being at 2.1 mil on spy defense.

    As for recent events? An Apoc member posted about his dissatifaction about Apoc members joining in EE wars. From what I hear, Apoc is trying to get a cf to end this before the tournament begins, but I don’t believe the Zaft cf conditions have changed. Either way, it will be interesting to see if this OSW indeed survives the tournament and lasts another month.

    Thanks all, and please keep on posting this month. :ugeek:

  2. Statement from Apoc

    Okay, I have been lucky enough to get some statments from Apoc. There were quite a few, so please bare with me.

    1) Zaft are not the only ones stripping. We have stripped plenty and reports that our banks are running low is erronous. There's a lot more to come.

    2)Zaft is just as guilty of botting as HoG were. For example (name removed until ss proof Provided) in Zaft carnage requested a cf and told us he was botting and account sharing. He was granted a cf but has soon returned to Carnage. We sent the ss of the botting admission to the devs but they have yet to do anything about it. Although they were quick to humilate and ban HoG members.

    3) Laoda has been seen stripping his own admins in Destiny (Note: Destiny says this incident was just clearing an acount to bank a strip. However Apoc does not believe this to be the case.)

    4) Apoc has granted just as many cf as Zaft has. We just don't publicly humiliate them like Zaft does. We let it be in the pm level. We have even granted several temporary cf to zaft members with rl concerns.

    5)As far as some players being kept in the dark, that happens on both sides. Cant expect every single member to be consulted about every single decision.

    okay, that is my summary of what I have recieved tonight from Apoc. Forgive me for any innacuracies. I will also post this at the begining of the thread.
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  13. Um, Sarc wasent recruiting people to hit ZAFT after the Cf..it's a myth, do u got proof he said that exactly? Or maybe he was just getting all the runner back together. Edit that real quick.
  14. Didn't say he was recruiting them to hit ZAFT. Just said he had a clan full of OSW runners.

  15. He was not recruiting to hit Zaft. Zaft however thought he was. Either way, it was not the best idea to remain with kingdoms so close to the war after reaching a personal cf.
  16. I read your post very patiently, and I can not believe you want to be called a war reporter yet has to stay biased.

    Lets talk about what you wrote step by step. (I have ignored the text that showed neutral instance)

    Very minute but just how you talk about zaft-zaft-zaft, you menteioned that Zaft (alllegdly) approached for cease fire, but started the para with zaft and ended with zaft, making it a zaft-zaft-zaft rant.

    Here again you did not mentioned what Apoc told in the forums. In your forum itself I asked why Cella crying on several ppl walls when her allies get hired off. Who did she fear when no one is hitting her? But obviously you would ignore that.

    Again I put a little analysis in your thread that ZAFT can not strip Chongo enough to make him hittable to smaller builds. But considering they are stripping him slowly, they are really putting a lot of those mid sized ZAFTies in danger. Again its obvious that you will ignore all that.

    It makes sense to add spy towers considering he has bigger builds trying to steal off him. Looks like you want to make him look small.

    You would obviously agree to what an statless alt has to say, and would obviiously believe thats infact an Apoc member alt.
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