Apoc vs Zaft War Discussion: March 2013

Discussion in 'Wars' started by The_Philosopher, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Phil sees himself as a protected history maker and he has a good reputation and the guts to do it with a main. Unlike many history makers.
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  3. More like jealous.

  4. Anarchy- phil is the best at the war threads, probably the most fair and puts the most and good detail into them. Theres also nothing wrong with a few kaw related debates in forums once in awhile ay?

  5. I made this becasue I was asked to make it. If you don't like it , make your own damn thread. If it is as irrelivant as you say. It should die quickly, just like my IG/LR thread died (ohwait...it is still active. :lol: )

    Oh by the way,you can't exactly "watch" a war?

    Since Anarchy has nothing substantial to add, I am asking him to leave the thread.
  6. Anyway back to the discussion.
  7. *Add
    (thought philosophers knew how to spell)
  8. He's not using his main :lol:
  9. It's a simple mistake.

  10. Just to be clear on this topic. I run 7 accounts in this game, this is the only one that ever posts in the forums. HOwever, it is active and can be stripped and farmed, and has been by several people on several occasions. lol

  11. Actually, I consider this account to be my most active at the present time.
  12. It's funny really, both sides claim they are winning. But evidence on laoda's wall show apoc is losing the war. We won't know until it's over
  13. Yeah when you are on forums.
  14. Laodas wall is very good evidence.
  15. Word has it Chongo has been reluctant to hit either redstar or cella. What's up with that?
  16. The Zaft family probably has more strip funds than the next 5 biggest clans combined. I don't think anyone can compete with that.
  17. And consider bfa, they all have trillions in allies
  18. His attack stats cant't beat their defence and chongo doesn't want to get hit 10 fold Im guessing he likes being #1 on LB