Apoc vs Zaft War Discussion: March 2013

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  1. Hello all. It's the_philosopher again, author of such classics(?) as the Osiris/Ya_judgment_fi war thread and the BH/IG/NBN/War vs LR/Regs/7ds/Taka and friends thread. I'm here this time doing an experiment.

    You see, back in January, I awoke one cold morning with multiple pms asking,


    I was tempted to tell these people to look under the couch, but my ego got the best of me, so I decided to make an Apoc/Zaft thread. The thread went fine enough for the first few days, until Apoc decided to make their own thread, which prompted Zaft to also make a thread, which prompted almost everyone else to make a thread as well. Surrounded by so much competition, I put my thread out to pasture, and decided to just stick to the LR/BH thread. Recently, however, thanks to the great trash talking on the LR/BH thread (thanks iprophet, ireg, lop, and others), and the absence of any serious Apoc/Zaft war thread, many people have started to pm me again asking,


    So here it is, my second attempt to get this war thread off the ground. This time, I am going to do a few things different. Instead of writing a working history which half of kaw will disagree with, I will make one thread a month, chronicle the information I get from it, and then make one big war history thread whenever the war finally ends. A thread a month would also make it easier to read for all parties involved without it being spamming.

    Whose side are you on, Phil?

    Good question. Since I get labeled biased all the time, I will lay it on the table. Without giving too much away, it would be in my better interest if Zaft would win this war. Please note that I am not claiming to have an account in any particular clan, simply it is in my interest for Zaft to win. (Hopefully this wording will prevent this account from spending another 2 months as a Zaft clan farm again. lol)

    How this will work.

    I will post questions and topics for people to discuss. I will then let you guys discuss, argue, rant about the issues until some version of the truth is revealed. I will post updates as I can listing news, runners, strips, and other information as it becomes available to me, and then make a new thread at the beginning of each month.


    Now, I know many clans have rules against posting in the forums, largely because as some have said, "the forums are swarming with noobs."


    However we all know you want to post, so I encourage you all to get out your statless alts and post away. Those of you who are still to shy, just pm me and I will get the info out at the soonest convenience.

    Being a war thread, please be forewarned that the language can get quite nasty, so please at your own risk before crying to a mod about it.

    Now for the war questions:

    Which clans are getting hit the most? What are the present pairings?

    Who have been the biggest runners so far?

    What have been the biggest strips?

    Have their been any peace offerings?

    Predictions please. How long will it last?

    I will go out on a limb. I predict this war will be mostly over by July.

    Please post your thoughts below. Let's see if this works to spark discussion about this epic OSW.
  2. Okay, here is a description of the war as how it is progressing. Remember this is written by a player who has freely admitted that he has a vested interest in having Zaft win. If Apoc has any dispute of this version, please feel free to post it.

    This war started because two clans began attacking a single Zaft member over a SE-tag. At first Apoc hit really hard. They seem to be concentrating on smaller Zaft members in hopes of cutting the support out from under Zaft. The strategy backfired, however, Zaft hit back and hit back hard. Those who could be stripped were quickly stripped and those who still had allies quickly built tower builds. The Apoc clans are now a shell of their former selves. Even MG only really has 14 active members left. Apoc also seems to have exhausted their banks, because the only time now they perform is strip is when they got a bit of funds from a failed Zaft strip.

    Zaft has been approached three times for a CF. Zaft has turned down all mutual CF, as they are happy to keep on hitting and stripping away. Zaft has no intention to CF but would like to continue fighting for at least a year. Ya_judgment_fi warred Zaft for about a year, and Zaft would like to see Apoc hold out for at least that long. Zaft might accept a surrender on the conditions that the clans SE, Apoc, and TS are dissolved.

    As for Chongo, Redstar and Laoda are hitting and stripping him slowly but surely. A one time huge strip is out of the question, because if it failed it would give Chongo huge funds to strip back. Still, an estimated 15 T has been taken from Chongo. The goal is to cut him down in size to the point where other Zaft members can begin to hit him as well. Chongo is mostly fighting from pin and is hitting not Redstar or Laoda, but Zaft kingdoms ranked 150-200 on the leaderboard.

    In short, Zaft has the war well in hand and are enjoying themselves, their biggest hope is for Apoc to stay relevant long enough to stretch the war out to over a year.
  3. Thank you for a zaft vs apoc thread philosopher
  4. Apoc for the win
  5. Well, it's been a while since we had a Zaft vs Apoc thread. There has been enough talk on the ig/bh vs reg/lr thread over the last few days.
  6. Support
  7. The war will probably end when there are just too many runners from one of the sides or one of the clans owners has had enough and surrenders.
  8. Where's the juicy info?
  9. I just dont see a CF happening
  10. Zaft will win they have the funds by far.
  11. I think something might give by the summer wars. A big strip on Chongo might also end things in a hurry.
  12. Yeah well all the LB leaders in the war are looked up to but if you massively strip and take them lower down the LB then some fighters will loose faith.
  13. In my opinion Zaft will win.

  14. I have learned from the IG/REgs thread that when the writier posts the juicy info, the writer tends to get yelled at and smacked around a lot. :lol: That is why I want to garner the info off of this thread and then make an accurate history after the dust settles.
  15. BTW for summer wars can anyone participate?
  16. Apparently Phil is under the impression he is the only person who can post a thread regarding a war - it must be him.

    Phil honestly man, get over yourself, you aren't that special... We don't need a thread explaining every war when you could just ask or watch the war... Honestly.

  17. Actually I love it when "Phil" makes a thread. I would have liked "juicy info" tho
  18. But after the war is over, it is likely that the losers will be pissed and target you (since they won't be hitting their enemy anymore). Unless of course, Zaft loses, and you have shown your bias towards them... Are you hinting at something? Lol, jk. 