Apheriun: A poem of true love

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    Im tired and have nothing better to do (besides watch Fallout 4 download through steam) so im gonna compose a sonnet loosely based on Apheriun.

    Apheriun why do you have to be
    so cruel to this poor soul you used to love
    Apheriun why can't you simply see
    we can fly; be free as a pure white dove

    The pots glorious I have missed, your seal
    beckons me near to where you stand alone
    Apheriun, your hair it is so frail
    It breaks leaving me in a combat zone

    Your hair and bones. I love them I do so
    You should know that I kill you softly
    As my full troop bar flows through you. Oh no!
    The carnage. The despair. This battle? Costly!

    Apheriun I love you most. I do
    Indeed hate you.Though you probably knew.

    Apheriun-by pipebomb
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    Beautiful encore encore
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    I'm glad you enjoyed it Shakespeare, Tupac and Kanye West were my inspiration.
  4. Damn, that was beautiful.
  5. What about Wiz?
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    Kanye west ergh no support
  7. That my friend needs to go in my English textbook full of Shakespeare and poems.

    This poems deserves great analysis and we can interpret just by reading straight away the love OP and apheriun share, which can be greater love than Romeo-Juliet.
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  9. I cri evrytiem
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  14. Seriously? Shouldn't you be making more storylines for next hte event?

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  17. This was lovely 
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  19. Kaw admin be drunk on valentine's day 
  20. It's so hard to find true love now-a-days, all I can say is that this is beautiful and I ship it so hard.