Apex of Evil

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  1. Support cuz if I don't they won't free me from my prison
  2. :roll: :roll: Supprt - IF this appeals to you hit me up :)
  3. Full heartedly support! Fun place, entertaining members, crazy cc.
  4. Lmao thanks
  5. Support. Respectful and extremely protective.
  6. Added to the Clan Forum Post List.
  7. Good post. Lots of support for you all
  8. Good clan, luvlie members. My support 
  9. Very nice , helpfull Team , Got good potential :) support
  10. Looking forward to some good times with you all 
  11. Be wary of the night hawk. He's by far the most diabolical, twisted and sadistic member of AoE. A good role model for any aspiring recruit.
  12. Lmao
  13. Apex is solid group of warriors.... All u gotta do is touch their nf if don't like thread...
  14. Support nubs
  15. Thank you. :p
  16. Thanks
  17. Good tread, simple and to the point, support and good luck.️
  18. tbh we should do FullBar Clannies Fridays
  19. Good job with the thread looks nice. Hope all goes well for you guys, good luck and have some fun kicking ass. 