Aozark & Priark gets 24 hr extension

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  1. Hey everyone,

    To allow for the PVP weekend to function in the expected way we are extending the length of the current event, The Ordeal of Aozark and Priark, by 24hrs. The event now ends on Tuesday the 24th of January at 12:00 PM (instead of the 23rd). All event drops, boxes + keys will also be extended for the duration!

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    Thanks I suppose
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    Cool beans!
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    All I read was, "In order to be even more of a money grab from our loyal, but totally clueless, community. We are extending the event to take more of your money".
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    Just a cover up while they think of words that rhyme with Aozark and Priark for the next ordeal. Might I suggest The Ordeal of Aardvark and Treebark?
  6. All i read was i didnt read what was posted
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    All I read here was "oh I'm a clueless person who knowingly throws money at this game but turns around and calls devs greedy."

    It's not a money grab because they can't physically grab your money. You have to voluntarily give it to them. That also means they can't take your money. Unless of course you knowingly give it to them. Then it's on you. The customer.
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    By the way... money grab is an expression, and does not require a physical grabbing of money.
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    It's a bad expression.
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    It's an understood expression.
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    mon·ey grab :

    an undignified or unprincipled acquisition of a large sum of money with little effort.

    Not saying that this necessarily pertains here but what I will say is that you are hysterical to think that your "authority" as a kaw mod allows you to determine what is a good expression and what is a bad one. Especially a corrupt kotfe mod. ;)
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    You assume I'm still foolish enough to throw money at this game after what happened to GaW. I'm just waiting for you guys to announce the final date the servers will be online so I can get everything for free in the few weeks granted before the doors are finally closed for good.

    Not the actual physical "doors". But just an expression.
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    Could there be a better definition of what's going on here?

    "Oh gee, lets change the names to something that rhymes. Alter the colors a little bit, then extend it so we can not do that again sooner"

    -actual direct quote from the devs
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    The mods always get defensive towards negative comments like that. No point in taking what is said seriously. We know the truth.
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    My point being this post is about a 1 day extension, money grab rants should be reserved for the main event post. ;)
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    They are extending the event to work with the pvp not the eb side of event :roll: go create a new thread on why you hate kaw elsewhere
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    I'm just wondering why they're wasting their time and not just extending it another week. Or two.
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    Hell yeah, that would be awesome Des.
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    KaW is never going to die. I'm going to be whacking Apherun in my 90's, telling people in the old folks home that I'll strip them if they piss me off.