Anyone seen my KAW wife ...she missing :(

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  1. Hi Rosie :-D Like 2 ships in the night. i return and Todd is now missing & gone a.w.o.l
  2. Thank God forums less toxic without him

  3. Its over, the goat and I are leaving you. I found a new KAW wife ...we're moving in with Lilly
  4. Don't feel sad for me kaw !!Bad things happen so that better things can come together!! If anyone can tame Todd then Lili is the lady to be able to work that miricle :)
  5. Roni!!!! HELP!!!!! someone keeps trying to kidnap the goat ...i think they want to eat it!!! :(

    Good thing we got that Winchester Defender 12 gauge, Glock 21 and S&W .357 in da houuusssseeeee ..yeah boi
  6. So so desperate toddster.its pathetic.
  7. it was Shifter! He is totally jealous of you and how your dominating on forums and running it.With all your great forum threads.He cant beat you with words :- because he isnt blessed with the gift of the gab like you.:). So he is coming after you to hurt you and what you love most.And seeing as me and Lily always blank him then he has no alternative left than to take the next best thing closest to your heart after us two = The goat!
  8. They're all jealous of me Roni ...I'm the only one who can manage "5" threads simultaneously while schooling them all. Must be quite embarrassing for all of them

    ...Shifters a good guy though lol


    I could literally fill both search pages entirely with ToddBacon threads and still school all of them their intellectual capacity combined can't match mine
  9. And you do all of this in your imaginary world lol
  10. lol I told you I'm basically retired 

    ...sux for you huh lol
  11. Your not retired you got banned and you use vpn so your lonely ass can hang around here without being ip banned.
  12. So you run a successfull restaurant being basically retired?lol
    Yea right,anyone thats been in that buissness can tell ya thats impossible.
    Whats next?got unicorns on the menu?
  13. Look I know it's hard for you to understand but I'm the OWNER I have managers that take care of everything and accountants to make sure they're not ripping me off ..."uhhh duhhhh" lol
  14. Lol yeah right
  15. What's the name of this successful restaurant you own Todd and where is it
    Wouldn't mind checking it out , looking at the menu
    Must cost a fortune to eat there
    How many does it set?
    How many covers do you do on average a night?
    How many managers do you employ?
    How many waitresses do you employ?
    How bout Chefs , kitchen hands , bar staff ?
    Location Location Location Todd is everything
    Where is this place at ?
  16. But your not ... your crying for locks on 4 of them .. someone who is so confident they are taking peeps to school wouldn't ask to be locked
    Bedtime .. i can hear your mommy calling you
  17. For all that intellectual capacity you brag about. I'm fairly sure those threads you made... Those op's were all other people's opinions.

    You can't formulate your own so you simply copy and paste them to pawn them off as your own.

    You're not smart, Todd.

    You are a hypocrite, you couldn't handle people flaming your threads, that you had to get them locked.


  18. Awwww poor lady kathama still butthurt lol ...still making crap threads that dont go anywhere unless I intervene. Looks like you found a new group of ladies to hang with lady K. Lady Bella Lady Ella and now Lady Kathma-lla awwww im glad you found some new friends Lady K now you wont be so lonely down in your mommies basement.

    Youre an idiot Lady K my threada are hands down best threads im King of KAW Forums .,,u sooo butthurrttt lol 