Anyone seen my KAW wife ...she missing :(

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  1. She went out to buy a pack of cigarettes about 6 months ago ...havnt seen her since?

    ....the goat really misses her :(
  2. She moved in with me XD

    Also in b4/lock
  3. Haha! This made me LOL so hard!
  4. I'd offer you a map, but I dismantled that furnishing earlier.
  5. Roni is a man

  6. Lmao
  7. Doesn't mean they can't be married.
  8. Thanks, Obama
    Genuinely: thank you
  9. That was awesome!!
  10. Please no animal abuse...

    ...if you find Roni dont beat her just call animal control :|
  11. Does anyone have that goats number?
  12. ChubbyChaser & ToddBacon. No explanations needed to say who's who !
  13. So thats where my tv remote went
  14. She’s a dude FYI. Also your an idiot
  15. You dont even know me and you got it wrong.i have spoke to many on kaw Atlas in Veritas, WillyDeuce,Slayerbob, Pill of Carnage,BenLSA,MakkiLSA,Tweety, SexyHeels(when her and LadyAsh were being racist to tweety i told her she aint nothing except a iReg groupie),Scrapster, -V-, the mighty torrid,iProphet,ColonelLeBlanc, Mobo in Russian Shadows,and others were in the group calls listening in.So go ask any of them and know you got it wrong and i am female.
  16. Yeah...OK
  17. That's true love right here.
  18. I know you are too ;*