Anyone Remember NPC Kingdoms?

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  1. I loved them too. I bought a ton of them right before I slept each night during the first asw - I think I had 13 incoming attacks during the whole war because my lightning towers were beast :lol:
  2. I only ever knew one NPC's name, and Tobit is still going. I always make sure to tap him when I login after a while. Never got an extended list since I didn't get here until mid 2010.
  3. at the start of the game when everyone was hitting battle list, these bots where around.

    I always remember being like, "how the hell am I supposed to grow, every time I make some gold I come back and it's gone", because either an npc was retaliating or other players where hitting battle list. I put it down to there "being too many people in the game", since I believe this game was #2 or 3 on the App Store around October 2009.

    There used to be a game just above this in the App Store at the time, exactly the same style where your account just had stats, I can't remember the game company but it was pretty known. It was like kaw but had a ninja theme. They had another game which was space related which was also top 5 App Store.
  4. I remember getting into into a personal war against one back when I was a complete noob, long before I joined TOS.
  5. I went and looked in my docs after reading this, and found all my old OSF list, and tracking sheets I made on DKOD, ZAFT,and YAFI.

    I've come to conclusion that:

    1 year in KAW = 10 years IRL.
  6. I don't remember much about the NPC accounts, except for one who was coded wrong. If you attacked him once, or sometime even just if you looked at his profile without doing anything, he would retaliate ruthlessly. This guy would attack you more than should be possible with the xstal limit, never losing a battle, despite appearing to have only one building built. He would strip farm and take everything you had. Worst of all, some glitch let him destroy your buildings, leaving you with nothing and no way to gain gold. Support was plagued by scores of noobs asking for help, but all they could do was to give them back their castles. Rumor has it that they never find a way to turn him off.
  7. Sounds like another Spraga Myth to me...




  9. Lol I remember Tobit
  10. Hmmmmm this was lonnnnnng ago, Trex showed me a list of inactives/NPCs once but I was always farming the inactives over the NPCs.

    P.S. Glad to see you're still alive Cor!
  11. I remember those. We're the coolest thing ever IMO. Loved them. Some players now are more bot than player though.. So I mean just illegal NPCs I guess. :p
  12. I was surprised by what I had left too, versions of build calcs, bank tracking, Estoc tracking template, and the records I kept when I started ally trading

    Now I just have to see if there's a secret hiding spot of all my old stuff on my pc somewhere
  13. Corinthian. Now there is a name...
  14. I think my favorite NPC moment was when the devs reset spragga and accidentally allowed someone to remake the account.
  15. Probably the best and most confusing day in kaw. :lol:
  16. Where is the real Spragga now?
  17. Nevermind, I found him. Spragga002
  18. Was reset and deleted I assume. Like the rest of the NPCs.
  19. Nice. You remembered the clan? :lol:
  20. Yeah I did

    Had been trying to for a few days now