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  1. Searching for a business partner
    I intend to pour money into my allies at a steady albeit not fast pace my proposal is as follows

    Any ally bump request exceeding 25t will 1st b sent your way as per your side of it 30℅ of the profit will be accepted as a balance wherein I can request ally hires up to that amount any allies I request below 25t will be calculated at 35%
  2. I demand 25% of all profits and 99% of shares.
  3. Have your people call my people.
  4. I’ve never been more confused
  5. Me tok
  6. I hope to clarify if youll share what's unclear
  7. Give me 100% of all profits and we got a deal
  8. This is some next level ally scamming going on here. Support.
  9. I don't get it
  10. Sounds like the stock markets trying to sale you some  
  11. Sounds like inflation
  12. This has gone..... poorly

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.