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  1. 6 years sometime this april
  2. I log in maybe once a month to see if anything interesting has changed in the game and to check forums. I dont know if you could consider that "around"
  3.  tap tap tapping away
  4. Idk. I joined around... Dec 2009 I think? Can't remember exactly but I think that's about right. But I've never described myself as an 'oldie' as I don't feel like one. That and I've quit 
  5. Anyone know where I can get the castle code?
  6. I'm your God.... I'm older than all of you. Bwahahahahaaaa
  7. The people that made this game special have upped and left. The game lost is pizaz with the introduction of the incredible difference in kaw inflation for pay to play players with HTE and other pay to play ebs.

    It was at that point it become horribly obvious to me that the developers really dont care about KaW anymore. It's outdated and dying and they're not ignorant to that. If you're on here expecting the magic the game once had you wont find it.

    The developers introduced these pay to play EBs for one purpose and that is to milk the remaining player's money until they no longer profit off of it. They'll keep a team for the game but the team will barely develop new features and especially won't if they cant make a buck off of it.

    Ever since this transition the fun/cooler/older players have just died off completely. Before them they were hanging on by inactivity, still failing to fight the addictions of talking to such wonderful hilarious people but now why even bother if you're not dropped 3 grand a month.

    RIP KaW

  8. Press f to pay respects. :(
  9. Same here lol
  10. Does a 6 year badge count as old?