any old players still around?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by lordzuke, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. 5 year guy here

    Turn 6 year in October
  2. 5 1/2 years everyday. Sad really, lolol. Not my original account obviously.
  3. Mid 2011 ish so I'm old enough I guess?
  4. I joined in August 2010, almost 5 years now! :)
  5. I'm originally a 2009 player but with this account. I started 2010
  6. :cool: Proud to say I just received my 5 year badge! 5% increase in stats across the board son. They also stripped me of my land complete reset bonuses which is garbage. :roll:
  7. 5 years here. :)
  8. I remember you zuke. You were a bit of an odd bloke but seemed alright. 
  9. Browsing forums lately has been depressing.

    This thread made my day a little better, knowing that some of the older faces of KaW I spent my forming career looking up to and then getting to know are still around.

    I've been around long enough on forums to make friends with Deadly, Mesco, Realboy, cooldragondude, bear, -SA-, Ackbar, Oh, Beckem, and AngusEmpire.

    Zuke, I think back when I just started forming I was talking to THEblade, somehow managed to piss him off, and you and him filled my newsfeed for a few days.

    We also had a discussion on Sean Kingston's near death if I'm not mistaken.
  10. I have been around for the longest time!
  11. Been here since 2010 yay
  12. Why is it so many people are so concerned about being known as an old player? I don't see the appeal. Find my original account if you want to see old.
  13. On and off sept of 09 towards the end of it.
    Don't really bother playing much. Just on and off checking forums and talking to friends also can someone tell me what's been happening haven't been around in 7 months
  14. Hmm, well I'm pretty old I guess. I started playing December 2009. But not a lot of people know me because I have been pretty inactive lately...
  15. whats considered old?
  16. I am from March 2011. You can consider me "old", but I'm not that old. All I remember of Bastion is him and Del's thread. And Bas' temp return
  17. Kool aid. Members from old CHAOS ... Me, johnnypizzo, limbhanger and warlock probably count as old :).i think chaos is still around.