Any old guys still around?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mescotian-Empire, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. Any of my old friends still around?

    Has the game gotten any better over the last 6 months?

    Can any of you remember me? Dios mio
  2. Yes.


  3. I forgot all the old forumers aside from Neon and Magick :|
  4. Define old.
  5. Shol, we still got somebody around. How's it going
  6. @rikki anybody who i remember or who remembers me haha
  7. Ahh and there was Martyn and Punker Tobi too. Has everyone quit?
  8. I'm old and I don't remember you
  9. Most of the older forumers have left, not many here anymore, just the newer old forumersÓźí
  10. Not too shabby, how've you been Mesco?
  11. Indeed.

    Quite a few memories stuck with Ya

    Welcome back
  12. Yeah, you copied my old name
  13. Hello old friend.
  14. @jack martyn was pretty solid haha
    @shol can't complain
  15. phartacus and phoenix, how goes it?
  16. Oh my...
  17. Kaname are you drunk? :|