Any OG's still around?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mescotian-Empire, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. 5 years and going strong don't think any one knows me but I miss old kaw
  2. I'm assuming he's talking about the og alliance

    It was an old alliance - a lot of big osw clans were part of this alliance. if u dun remember the og alliance it's cuz u prob weren't playing
  3. Towards above, just read the original post versus just the title, although the speculation is entertaining :p
  4. None of you have heard of Mesco?

    Hmmm.. times they are a changing.
  5. What'd this guy do that makes them famous, i've been playing for 5-6yrs years & never heard of them?
  6. Don't recall the OP
  7. Absolutely nothing
  8. Pretty sure you were mostly inactive, at least on forums, the couple years he was around
  9. I've lurked mostly. I don't recall the name. I do recall someone with a name beginning with 'M' and having Empire attached. However, it isn't that spelling.
  10. Omg it's melissa.

    I'm a bug fam
  11. Are you referring to the OG alliance? Or just really old players?
  12. 2 years? Wow you must be OG
  13. First time to log in for what feels like years good to see someone else also tryna check in
  14. Mickey12345 here
  15. Hi Mescotian ,i am on kaw 5 years now .
  16. aye I see a few names :D yo Mesc
  17. I've played for one day, I recognized OP. Nubs
  18. Wow was reading this, this morning and was wondering about my account so I looked at my badges and had only a 3 year now 8-9 hours later I got my 4 year haha.