Any help at all!

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  1. Cool name bro
  2. Very relevant , black hand has no pros... I'm mean ...
  3. I dont think is think. Its just out of respect
  4. I take some of that back..I like Karma he helps Everyone else NO EXCUSE!!!! None!
  5. Good luck OP ;)
  6. Crap ThreAd, crap clan.
  7. Kinda makes me want to be a better person. I SAY...SUPPORT!!!
  8. I HAZ a legit farming question..

    If I want a 4ft by 6ft deep irrigation channel, I sit better for me to rent a Trencher or a Back Hoe?

    I am kinda leaning towards a Back Hoe cos they got good grip and can snatch dirt better
  9. people like this are ruining the game
  10. I hope more players out there help a new player every now and then. I help out new players in WC by answering a question or two if they have them and so do many more people but it's not always enough. People complain that the player base is dropping (no figures to agree or disagree with this) yet they act all hostile or won't help the community out themselves. This game is more about the player to player interactions within the community yet people quite happily lurk in cc 99% of the time yet complain that no one will talk to them or will say the game is too boring yet all they are doing is tapping repeat action then leaving.

    Players need to take responsibility for this game as much as the devs. I wonder how many will actually step up and help.
  11. Yes! We need to take actions for what we do and not blame it on devs all the time. If we have a suggestion we should email them or talk to mods
  12. Can you help our clan we need a sealer lol
  13. I agree. We all need to take responsibilities even in a game. Unlike many players playing transformers in this game to grow quickly.

    I want to be moderator or valiant Knights. Can be biased n not take any responsibility. Powerful.

    I love kaw, mods n devs the most. I will be the best mod around.

    I have helped thousands of players in this game without expecting any rewards.

    Vote me. ;)
  14. Disqualified already.
  15. If anyone needs help on their build as well im here. Wether is for war or for EB's
  16. Can you farm someone for me
  17. You don know how to war like demon doe
  18. Good luck farmer  ignore the trolls.
  19. Hey battliefield,

    I seen your post and coming from a VK standpoint... Anyone can be helpful in a game.
    This is a positive movement which all non-"trolls" can see.
    This is a game, lets all have fun and help each other out.

    Support to Farmer.

    Valiant Knight
  20. Thank you all for the support. Im trying my best to be a helpful hand and to be a role model to new players.