Another Goodbye

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  1. Not that it really matters to most, but I wanted to quickly state why I am done with this game.

    EE wars have not really been much fun or seen much improvement/activity since S3.

    Too many money grab events and pay to win EBs.

    I dedicated alot of time writing detailed threads outlining ways to improve EE wars & the game in general, but it's clear to me now that ATA is not a company who really cares about their gaming community. In their minds, it's all just short term maximum profit. Screw the future of the game, they will just make a new one.

    Those who know me know who they are & I wish you a very fond farewell.

    (Dropped build to mess around with buildings since I quit anyway if anyone is wondering why I'm so tiny now)
  2. You'll be back
  3. I kinda rem you. Understand your frustration. No all, I rarely war with this acct. Use an attack acct to war. Rarely do that anymore with also.
    Best of Luck to ya
  4. Yes i've seen u often in forums trying to help n improve warring. Sorry to hear u have given up hope but understandable. GL
  5. I see you forum a lot as well. Specifically in the fan fiction area, your story about fruit was cool.

    Respect to you man, best of luck.
  6. Sad to see u go, i enjoyed warring against u
  7. Farewell sora. Been fun
  8. Goodluck and takecare always
  9. Didn't you quit like a month ago? .-. Lol cyaaaaa
  10. Have a nice break. See ya next week, mate. ️
  11. Before you go do you prefer ice cream cake or normal cake? Need to be prepared for your welcome back party this time around.
  12. Why do people feel the need to tell everyone they're leaving
  13. We need to indent the cake with OP's face if he returns.
  14. why do people feel the need to open a thread and comment when they know a head of time they wont be interested in it?
  15. See you tomorrow sora
  16. Sword enjoy RL buddy ,
    All ATA games are getting Max milk by The owners... IDC Why, in The end another APp Will replace my Free time.... I think They doing The same, getting All money they cant ... They dont care much about The users.
  17. Thats off a different thread. Really sums up kaw imo pretty well
  18. They always come back.