Another Forum game?

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  1. You didn't spend 5 minutes reading the dictionary about euphemism but then you become unable to stop reading all the other difficult words in the dictionary for 5 months.

    I wish that I become productive and never procrastinates.
  2. But you are addicted to the smell of moms basement.

    I wish I could fly.
  3. Your flight ability would only have 2 seconds

    I wish I had friends
  4. All your friends have careers and families and don’t ever have time to hang out.

    I wish I had the ability to time travel.
  5. You could only travel to time periods where everything was boring.

    I wish Moody would do a face reveal.
  6. Moody does, but you instantly love her and you try to stalk her for 3 years, where you are arrested and are found hanging in your jail cell

    I wish the world's power grid went down for a week.
  7. But you find yourself in sudden need of life support and die.

    I wish the world was made of chocolate.
  8. Granted, but you develop an allergy to chocolate so sever you develop explosive diarehha just smelling chocolate.

    I wish I was immune to all know & unknown sickness & viruses
  9. What?

    edit:Oh yeah, wish granted.

    But because of your sudden immunity to essentially all illnesses...

    You feel invulnerable and decide to take on a big ruffian.

    You lose.
  10. Well this guy didn't made a wish so...

    I wish I was the leader of North Korea
  11. You are, but America invades and you die.

    I wish for someone else to have my wish.
  12. Someone else gets your wish but they are a psychopath and will use the wish to murder a hundred people.

    I wish that boredom ceases to exist.
  13. Granted, you are now being tortured beyond reasonable mention constantly. Because you failed to be more specific. You are no longer bored ever.

    I wish for world Peace
  14. Granted,its now world peace and no weapons exist.Aliens see their chanse and attacks earth and kill all ppl.

    I wish i was roni