Another Forum game?

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  1. Ok but you lose $1,000 from your bank account for each alt.

    I wish I could fly
  2. You can only fly through windows

    I wish devs would sort items so that the most used/relevant ones are closest to the top
  3. But the devs quit giving useful items!

    I wish people would give me free premium eb items for kaw!
  4. Despite all of your items the devs continue to release lands so you never BC.

    I wish I could get more hours at work
  5. For every hour you gain they take 2 from you

    I wish I could remember my dreams
  6. The dreams are all about Justin Beiber singing while shirtless.

    I wish my wish wouldn't get corrupted.
  7. Your wish is not corrupt but the smell never goes away

    I wish I had a watermelon full of vodka
  8. Granted, but your tolerance is now infinitely high so you can never get the true joy of the booze.

    I wish weed was legalized
  9. All the THC was removed so no getting stoned for you :lol:

    I wish KaW wasn't so dead :(
  10. Granted but now the game is so overly populated that the game is full of crashes and lag that it is impossible to play.

    I wish I was taller than 6 feet.
  11. You aren't taller but you now have 6 feet and no hands

    I wish the sky was purple and orange swirl
  12. The sky changes to your colors but it's a sign of the coming apocalypse.

    I wish I was a millionaire
  13. You become a millionaire but the next day your accountant embezzles it all and runs off with your wife leaving you with 4 starving kids to feed.

    I wish for more wishes.
  14. You have more wishes but you die from a mysterious death correlated to deaths of mental patients instituted into the system for their belief in the power to make wishes come true.

    I wish my loans would disappear
  15. While on a cruise ship, everyone gets a mysterious illness and dies, the ship drifts until it crashes on a tiny island where you spend the next ten years eating fish and peanuts, once you are finally rescued the judge declares you are legally dead and all your loans have disappeared, but when he slams the gavel you have an stroke and now you are a vegetable

    I wish I could fly like superman
  16. i wish to be embraced by the sweet, sweet release of death
  17. You're able to fly like superman, but only in a phone app
    I wish Uous understood the point of this thread
  18. Uous now understands how to play this thread game but you forgot

    [title=lightgrey+darkblue]I wish a had a roast beef sammich[/title]
  19. Roast beef sammich is a euphemism for cleaning out butt holes with your tongue.

    I wish you ppl knew what euphemism meant
  20. School forces ppl to learn what the word means and all that learn the meaning of the word dies within 7 days leaving the word forgotten in time

    I wish i didnt spend 5 mins reading dictionary about the word "euphemism" in a language i barely understand