Another Forum game?

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  1. You live forever now. That should be enough time. But you witness everyone you know and love dying.

    I wish I had more money.
  2. You get more money but it's only 1 more cent an hour.

    I wish it wasn't raining
  3. Never rains again...

    I wish to walk on the sun(at night of course [​IMG] )
  4. Uhhhh sun doesn't stop being a burning ball of fire at night. :lol: You would burn up into nothingness.

    I wish people could be more intelligent.
  5. Your IQ drops to 25

    I wish to meet Chuck Norris
  6. You meet Chuck norris but he beats the **** out of you, chuck norris style

    I wish i could wish for a wish
  7. You get the wish but glitch causes it to just loop...u keep getting wishes but can't actually wish for anything

    I wish to end world hunger
  8. Humans suffer a near extinction event. Those left have effectively limitless food.
  9. I wish ppl actually wished after corrupting a wish
  10. Your wish isn't granted ;)
  11. I wish I had superpowers
  12. Granted, you will get a passive superpower that poisons your soldiers around you in your kingdom whenever you are near them. They will soon dread your presence, as it makes them slowly die!

    I wish I can hit a baseball over 500 feet from where I am with a baseball bat, that the ball will fly out of the stadium or at the ball park! :D

  13. The ball will always break the glass on your car
  14. Jebus is a one year old's toy. In the mouth you go

    I wish i was an indestructible apache attack helicopter without any defects whatsoever with an infinite supply of ammunition and buddies
  15. Granted, but you are on the middle of nowhere where nobody can find you and your buddies are babies, and therefore cannot fly you so you are stuck in one place.

    I wish I was cool
  16. Cool as in the refrigator
    I wish I had a wish that no one could corrupt.
  17. Your wish will only be granted by your worst enemy.

    I wish my mom bought me that new Nerf gun that came out.
  18. Granted, but your mom demands that you pleasure her as payment for the nerf gun.

    I wish that America was great again
  19. America becomes great again but than North Korea nukes it

    I wish that a wish was real
  20. Your wish can only be for someone else you hate.

    I wish that I had 80 alts with 300mcs just like -The Golden Army-