Another Forum game?

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Sp3EdYGoNzAlEs, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. well i'm not smart enough for the pictures or BB code's. I'll leave that to ash and willy, anyways back to my point.

    I have another boring forum game! That us tap tap users can waste our life on!

    Corrupt a wish!

    So you here is how it works! Someone says a wish and you have to corrupt that wish!

    For example!
    I wish I had a car!
    But the Car has no engine!

    So have fun! Wasting our lives away and abstaining from face to face interaction.
  2. Furst!!1!

    I wish vixen was a mod again and willy was a VK and Ashes posted more boobs gifs.
  3. The boobs belong to Hillary Clinton.

    I wish my nose was straight.
  4. The nose belongs to Wilbur.

    I wish I was in one of Ashes gifs.
  5. But the gif would be so embarrassing you have to become a hermit for the rest of your life!

    I wish I could have infinite chocolate
  6. But the chocolate was poisonous

    I wish to have a dad
  7. I don't even know what to wish to that
  8. A dad who's the leader of ISIS

    I wish to not to see kaw die
  9. But it does tomorrow

    I wish i had enough gold to bc and be #1 on ally lb
  10. But Kaw bans your account as soon as you get the gold xD

    I wish I was jebus
  11. You would get nailed to a cross

    I wish devs would let me have an alt on the same device
  12. You'd try and have an alt on the same device and lose both of your accounts hahahahah.

    Seriously though.Just unlink login, unlink and repeat.

    I wish jebus had a son named Jesus
  13. But he is Jesus Jebus

    I wish I am a panthera tigrisi jacksoni.
  14. But you then turn into jebus

    I wish people were extinct.
  15. They become extinct but are reincarnated into army ants

    I wish I had a mcdonalds rn
  16. You have McDonald's, but it's 5 years old.

    I wish I didn't work all the night shifts
  17. You work the day shift with no AC... In the middle of summer.

    I wish I could be human(even for one day)
  18. You can only be a black human living in a k kklan

    I wish i was a magicman
  19. The wand is too powerful and explodesm, turning u into ur least wanted beeing

    I wish someone replyed to my alt so i dont have to do it myself
  20. Someone did, but its a mod locking the thread for a necrobump.

    I wish a mod would lock this.