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Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Yarp, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. So I have a question about builds and plunder. I've seen a T3 balanced building lvl3 get more plunder than a T4 balanced building lvl1 is that really possible? And if I have 22CoE and 15SoS all maxed lvls. Should I save up enough $$$ to build T5 balanced building and upgrade to lvl 2 right away?
  2. T3 maxed out > T4 lvl 1. Go all SoS and Volaries.
  3. You'll need 75 bil to unlock a level 2 T5.

    You can build 3 T5 buildings with that gold for greater stats and plunder.
  4. Armoury, if I build 3 T5 buildings then my plunder will be lower than it was before, but my stats will be higher. I'm trying to only increase plunder. And I don't want to be a spy build
  5. You might not experience a significant change in plunder when replacing a Lvl 3 CoE with a T5.

    However, a Lvl 2 T5 building has 1.5 times the stats of a Lvl 1 T5. The increase in both stats and plunder is negligible and it would still be better to build the 3 T5 for statsth
  6. T5 is different for some reason. If I remember correctly T5lvl1 > T4lvl3. That only happens with T5, though.
  7. That's why I was just going to save up 75bil and buy a T5 and upgrade
  8. Hey Pride, are you sure? That's what I need answered haha
  9. I've seen some people say to save up and upgrade to level 2 right away if you EE. Against EB it shouldn't matter though.