Another Awesome Game!

Discussion in 'Activities' started by MYTHIllITHElIlIVILLAIN, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. So I have yet another game for yall since my last once was pretty good so heres how it goes...

    One person will post a sentence like "I like my chicken..." You can only use 4 words then the next person will finish that sentence like the next one would be "Tender and deep fried." Only two peoplr are required to make a sentence You dont have to keep going off the first persons sentence but I am going to give yall a sentence to start off of

    "Damn this weed is..."
  2. very very very illegal.
  3. but it tastes good.
  4. Karma is such a
  5. Awesome bad ass mod
  6. Why do birds suddenly
  7. Every time you are
  8. Going to get gas
  9. At the pizza place?
  10. Maybe they are super
  11. Flying through the atmosphere
  12. So that they poop
  13. A lot of nukea
  14. All over North Korea
  15. Attention whore game . get gud scrub
  16. Just like North Korea