Annual battle of the sexes!!!

Discussion in 'Wars' started by HiT__RosielCrow__HiT, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Support for the Girls , we gonna win , sorry boys
  2. Support for the boys girls are meh
  3. Woo im in, aslong as the men dont cry like babies again and accuse the better half of cheating :)

    seeing some of the jokes the men are pulling out the bag, i think its safe to say weve got this ladies!
  4. Good luck tomorrow, ladies.
  5. You will hold this L
  6. If i am a woman that identifies as a man who identifies as a chair...which team do I contact?
  7. good luck all I support both sides :D
  8. Great job on this it looks great!! Let’s kick some ass ladies!!
  9. Ladies join the clan Iron Maiden’s tonight to be ready for tomorrow️️
  10. whats with all the leaky builds tho
  11. GL to both sides and have fun.

    Happy KAW'ing 
  12. When will the update be? I wanna know