Annual battle of the sexes!!!

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    This years annual battle of the sexes is here!! Come have some fun with this women vrs men system war!!


    The Iron Maiden’s


    The Fire Knights


    Date - Sunday April 14
    12 hour war
    No mcs required
    At least 6 xtals
    Starts at 8 am central tz
    Must report to clan 4 hours in advance for prep time

    Please contact - ARTY or
    Lady_Dragonfly-TS in kaw to join!!
  2. Support! Awesome thread Skittle!
  3. Lets kick some ass ladies!!
  4. 8 am? 4 hours earlier to report? That’s a lot to ask
  5. yeah i aint waking up that early
  6. Y'all ladies get in the kitchen and make us men sandwiches like y'all suppose to lol
  7. Ty ladies for planning and organizing everything.... but y'all still gonna lose so don't get your hopes up lol
  8. We need 3 teams battle. We need team man, team woman and team rainbow.
  9. Somehow there's gonna be a lot of toxicity of our city
  10. Nah you make us sammiches!
  11. Sounds like fun.
  12. sounds fun hopefully I'll remember
  13. Will be fun and girls will show their power,who actually rules the world and kaw
  14. Such a good thread Rosie .Girl power !!
  15. Why is there a window in every kitchen ?
    So all woman can get there own point of view :)
  16. A man asks, “God, why did you make woman so beautiful?” God responded, ”So you would love her.” The man asks, “But God, why did you make her so dumb?” God replied, “So she would love you.”
  17. hi roni sorry god never said that
  18. Oh this again. Played it a while ago, the women cheated first because they were getting annihilated