Anime Thread

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  1. 2nd Season "Corndizzle in the Hizzle!", fuh'realz.
  3. 1. Naruto Shippuden
    2. One piece New World

    I chose these 2 animes because these were the ones I quickly got attached to as a kid. These were the animes that opened my mind and made me realize that power is everywhere. I was a crazy kid. Now, as an adult, instead of heroine or cocaine or some other drug, I watch anime. I'm also excited for the Boruto series coming this year in March!

  4. Kyoukai no Kanata, although I'm not sure if anyone has watched it.

    Is anyone watching seasonal anime? Little Witch Academia TV is so good yo.
  5. Dragon ball z and attack on titan (season 2 gonna be epic),your lie in april,black bullet,bleach,and yu gi oh season 0

  6. YASSSSSSSS Mirai is best girl! Oh my freaking gosh Beyond the Boundary was amazing

  7. Points for anyone who knows this anime, bonus points for anyone who can name this ship and acknowledge it's the best ship.
  8. Blue Steel if I'm not mistaken. And I wasn't keen on the animation style so I didn't finish it
  9. If I had to pick an honest favorite....

    Gurren Lagann, Samurai Champloo, FLCL, Yona of the Dawn, Toradora... this is a hard question honestly
  10. Easy question, it's Akatsuki no Yona. The manga is pretty great too. Totally hasn't made me cry on several occasions.

    I'm not big on anime, I find the synchronisation of most very annoying. Way over the top. That's why I read manga, because I hear everything in my voice, which is also the best voice.
  11. Manga is great, just gets expensive after awhile if you start buying the actual books. I know with OreGairu I bought the light novels as they came out. I do like anime as it's tangible like the manga/LN and doesn't cost as much to hold onto it if you ever want to rewatch it. But with anything there's always deviation between a show and the book. I appreciate the ones that stay relatively close to the source material
  12. Alright, real talk everyone. Who here is watching Kemono Friends?
  13. weeb
  14. Haven't yet, but lots of people say it was the flagship for the winter season and did extremely well in Japan. Did the best actually in terms of viewers for the overall winter season. Might be worth a watch, what are your thoughts?

  15. I watched all of that and even some sports anime

    Baby steps
    Haikuu (the volleyball anime I spelled wrong)
    Kuroku ( basket ball anime I spelled wrong again)
    The boxing one
    2 baseball animes I forgot the names

    Drifters is a good action/adventure

    Don't forget to love ru (I spelled wrong)
    And high school dxd for ecchi :p

    And the animes that started my anime career:
    Zero no tsukaima
    Shakugan no shana
  16. Support for zero no tsukaima and shakugan no shana. Both great animes and are definitely worth a watch for anyone who hasn't seen them.
  17. Anyone like SAO KappaFaceNoSpace
  18. How unpleasant
  19. Black Butler,FTW
  20. Have any of you seen Mob 100. It's same creator of one punch man. It has a great story to be told and can't wait for season 2. I would recommend it if into one punch man its funny and just random