Android Display Issue: Number of Dwarven Channeling Stones

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  1. Hey everyone!

    This is an Android only display issue. The data and counts of all items are correct, and will soon be correctly visible on all devices. iOS currently works.

    We are aware of a current display issue for players on Android not being able to view the count of the same permanent item.

    So if you have 1 Dwarven Channeling Stone, or if you have 5 Dwarven Channeling Stone you cannot tell that looking on your profile. This is something we will fix soon. Sorry!

    In the mean time, if you want to check your number of Dwarven Channling Stones you currently have, look for your Sealed Dekhul Scroll of Triumph - BLUE in your profile. You have the same number of Dwarven Channling Stones.

    Sorry for the confusion! We will fix this as soon as we can.
  2. Also on Droid only the rewards show on the LB nothing shows on the actual LB blank page
  3. How did I fail the event when the weekend isn't over

    This is dumb, no one explains how this Legend even works

    I don't want some fantasy story about whatever story line they're pushing

    Give me instructions not fairy tales
  4. It gives you a task. It literally tells you what to collect or do, and there is an information icon right on the task for hints. Its the little (i).
    Your welcome ehehehehehe
  5. Sunday n 2 days into the weekend event and still no fix for the droid,are you expecting us to guess at the stats or is there actually going to be a fix for this issue.
  6. Like Charlie said, you can still figure out by looking at how many scrolls of triumph you have, you have the same number of stones and scrolls.
  7. iPhone

  8. actually they only told us in the forum how long it would last...the more u kno... lol
  9. After updating the new droid os our back button/force close/minimise is now either fixed or drop down. Could you guys add a back button on kaw or slightly move the chat box away from the popup bar please This is frustrating when hitting people our keyboard pops up if fat finger syndrome contains us. Thanks devs
  10. Going to fix this anytime soon? Since we no longer have the scrolls in our inventory
  11. Bump for the droids. I should have 116 stones - curious if they stacked before committing more time this weekend.
  12. You will never know what stat that piece of equip is,the fix is the same as the clutter fix.Nobody is working on it,Heckfire takes precedence now.
  13. Truth Bomb

  14. Bump.


    (Chants) When do we want them? NOW


    clan mate pointed out to me if you look at the details, the quantity is listed. Base stats of item don't change.

    Nothing to see here, move along.