An Update to Hoarfrost and The Abyss Buildings

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. It's amazing how stupid people always feel the need to advertise it.
  2. Stop copying the whole initial thread! It's not like we haven't read it
  3. Support
  4. Support x10
  5. I really don't see the point of this. It doesn't change anything fundamentally.
  6. I really like this. The lands are still very hard to achieve (and they should be) but the upgrading of buildings will be easier for the same amount of gold as it was.
    Smaller goals to focus on, better feeling when you can reach them relatively fast.
  7. The same crap different pile 
  8. Yes yes yes well done the Dev's steps in the right direction.

  9. I call this change: "less upgrade money out" .... So it's positive change ....

    Don't need save overall amount of 1.8 trills for AB building lvl5 upgrade; now we will be able upgrade for 900b, enjoy bigger stats/plunder at lvl9 and then again save for 900b lvl10 ....

    Ty devs
  10. This update is fine if it's just some cosmetic update of convenience. If devs think this is something that actually helps and was what kawadmin was talking helping mids grow....well, then we're back to square one.
  11. Am i right in reading into this that there should in theory be more frequent upgrades by mids, and hence lower average gold out....therefore pvp against upgrading mids will pay less...on average?
  12. everything but your last statement, yes
  13. At least when I get there (after a few years xD) I wouldn't need to save too much :p

    And at least this makes it easier for mid/big players.
  14. The old way was save gold for 2 weeks spend 150 bil for ug. New way save gold for 1 week spend 75 bil get half the plunder bonus. Save gold for 6 days spend 75 bil. Same cost, same stats, but the second half goes a little bit faster. May not be much but it is still a positive direction.
  15. U make 75 b a week. Well done volley me
  16. Well done Dev. Am still looking forward to Season 5 n ASW. Please help speed up Season 5.
  17. Support, a nice change. As previously stated it means more regular boosts to plunder resulting in faster growth.
    To those whiners who condemn every update/change to the game, go play something else and stop trying to suck the fun out of this one.
  18. So you woke up that 900 and 1800 was stupid amount to charge for new buildings. So a back track was in order? Good on ya !