An Update on Season 5 + Wars!

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  1. For Season 5, please consider a change with ally sales during EE wars. At the moment, outside players are incapable of purchasing allies off of EE warriors who are locked into their rosters. As you are likely well aware, there are players who cast and go inactive during wars. Some of said players have what is called a pure spy build (all spy buildings and zero attack buildings). When an EE warrior who is a pure spy build has gold out and they are not knocked out, they can be attacked until the gold is depleted or they are knocked out. Some players will even cast pure spy build alts for the sole purpose of hoping they will match against it to open it up for attacks. This enables the enemy roster to gain an enormous amount of plunder in a short period of time that is nearly impossible to overcome.

    With all of that said, my suggestion for Season 5 is that you implement a system that locks ALL ally sales thirty minutes prior to war start and the ally sales continue to stay lock during the duration of the war. This will prevent outsiders from purchasing allies and prevent warriors from purchasing allies off of each other and permits warriors time to bank gold. This will not completely fix all of the issues that occur with pure spies warring; however, I believe it is a great start in the right direction.
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    I am excited to join wars, and looking forward to maybe trying a variety of options. Let's mix it up and let the smart and strong survive!
  3. Not a bad idea about having xstal drop in ee..
  4. Sounds good.I think you need a minimum one war the other team had a small cs that no one could hit.and he scout bombed us to bits.just my thought.
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    Devs aren't interested in Estoc Wars anymore. It doesn't bring them in the revenue that Events do. Devs killed EE because KaW is a business to them. It's just a game to us!

    Players fell into the trap. No S5? We only got ourselves to blame. Wars should be top priority but Devs demoted them when they introduced EB equip stronger than EE. That's why these proposals are merely trying to pacify. Badly done Devs!
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    Devs didn't kill it exploiting ass players did. It wasn't them that made it exclusive for a few and screwed over the majority of the community. Devs are clowns but this isn't on them.
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    You think what I've said is wrong? Shows how much you know
  8. Nice rebuttal, both common sense and participation back me up.
  9. However your lack of a single piece of EE equipment means you have no idea what you're talking about.
  10. Participation does not preclude common sense and the ability to discern what is going on around you. Apparently you're so simple minded that you have to be involved in something to have any grasp of simple understanding. I don't play professional sports either but I have a decent understanding of the ones I follow.
  11. You don't participate in EE so why do you feel the need to continuously comment on threads which affect only those who do? You don't know what it's like to war competitively with your team in this game and with the second season proposal, you never will. All you know about EE is what you've read in forums, which is pretty much all just complaints and moaning. Obviously you can have some idea of how it goes down with having not participated or having participated very little - but you have no idea how good it feels to organise a roster, wc and/or track your team to victory. So stop acting like a smartass and go eb fairy.

    And btw, calling someone simple minded because you disagree with their statement just makes it seem as though you have no capability to form a real argument.
  12. A fool thinks himself to be a wise man. A wise man knows himself to be a fool.

    Somone that has no experience with something has a narrow perspective. It is what you believe to be true based on what you've read. A person with experience has actually formulated their own idea based on real experience. You, unfortunately fall into the 90% rule.

    90% of the people I have ever met are idiots.
  13. Damn 90% you really need to start thinking more of the places you frequent.I think a change of venue may be in order... Food for thought
  14. Surely someone who plays the sport has a better understanding?
  15. Hahahah. Yes. Even educated people can be idiots. So, it is everywhere. Then again I have never been overseas.
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    Some people will complain regardless.

    S5 will be finally be tweaked right, but some will still complain and not participate because the announcement was made with the wrong color font...
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    Support indi for season 5 just get the multiple account users for same war out and people that don't have nobility or xstalls can't cast
  18. I suggest fixing the new land glitch it's not how it should work and very exploitable. You have been emailed on the details so I won't divulge that here
  19. whut glitch
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