An Update on Season 5 + Wars!

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Jun 25, 2015.

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  1. Re: An Update on Season 5 Wars!

    Interesting format. Recommend 1)companies expand to 35-40 and skirmishes shrink to 15-20 2) 1 hour not 2
  2. I didn't ask a yes or no question. The hell you smoking?
  3. 2hr wars? Thats basically 3+ strait hours every war glued to my phone. (rostering/preparation)

  4. Excellent work devs. Only thing i would ask is change size of war squad to 40.20-25 roster from 30 is a bit of a small margin.
  5. I'm slightly confused, how do you join a war company
  6. @ kaw_Community will there be new war equipment for S5 and if so can we get a sneak peak of 1 of them
  7. No support on 2 hour wars 1 hour is already more than long enough 
  8. Re: An Update on Season 5 Wars!

    I've read it again your correct it's worst every time I read it
  9. U dont need 1 hr prep. Last 100 man war i wc did it 15 mins because no wc. We won by 10b can normally set up a 15 man war in under 5 mins
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    Make two brackets, small-mid cap and a large cap, otherwise clans will be warring at just below the cap and smaller clans wont be able to reach that high, divide it up so big boys can play with big boys, kinda like it is in indy wars
  11. All my enthusiasm for warring is out the window. Glad I didn't buy larger pack of xtals earlier.
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    2hr wars is great man. Requires more strategy and teamwork. Someone getting a few bil lead at start wont kill the war unlike alot of 1hr wars.
  13. So redstar and 24 guild hansels.......lmao devs the plunder is still the issue small builds make 50m a hit and pay 500k. Fix that whole your making ee better.
  14. Well this really doesn't fix the sh roster staking issues and 2 hours is one too many Lol there should be two tiers so all players can compete and they should both have a player cs minimum example top tier min 15m cs lower tier min 2m cs
  15. 2hr length is the only positive from this idea. Lol.
  16. So no more indi wars? Back to the way the seasons were before S4 when all builds could participate? Unless I am missing something?
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    30 man squad not enough, how can u expect so few people with diff time zones make all the wars?
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    First, I am glad we are FINALLY getting some info on S5 and your changes. I also like that you asked the community for their input. I am a little confused. Why now? You have had so much time to bring forth this proposal to gather information on your changes and then test it out and yet here we are on the cusp on S5 and now you geniuses want input. The issues with round and exploits have been addressed over and over agin in previous threads and you ignored them.

    Is this how you run a business? Throw it against the wall and see if something sticks. You have got to be kidding me. In the future, why don't you send out a survey to those war vets and get their op on making changes or do a little reading here in forums.
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    So far everything sounds great to me! Seems like the players will be getting what they asked for step by step. I like the idea of better war rewards too! Will make warring worth your while. Hopefully I can join the season wars too!

    Just finished a 15h shift so can't use my brain to think of anything more at the moment. If I manage to get some ideas in I will get back to that!

    Anyway, good job ATA and I'm looking forward to upcomming events and updates!
  20. Re: An Update on Season 5 Wars!

    Anyone interested in an spot in an s5 team please message me.
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