An OSW Fairy Tale

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  1. Apple you are normally sensible. AAH members are at devastation to sw - none of them have left AAH .

    We did war vs devastation (check their war history) got on well with them and decided to team up in estoc. It's that simple lol.

    You hit whoever you want as will we, but at least try to be accurate please .

    Cambji - no better rhyme than doctor as that doesn't make sense?
  2. What about peach?
  3. Let's be accurate.

    Many AAH joined an outside clan, and a number hit us from there.
    Devastation clan owner refused to kick AAH members, and that just means he condones and supports AAH actions from his clan to hit us from his clan. That is an act of war.

    Furthermore, doing EBs or estoc wars at his clan is also supporting AAH in gold and in mithrils for new equips.

    All AAH helpers are considered to be warring us.

    I believe AAH have farmed owners of other clans for letting our members do EBs or SWs in their clans too.

    I don't see how I am wrong. The remaining members in AAH now are mostly inactive and the first look at clan -DeVaSt4TioN- makes it look like an AAH sub clan.
  4. I'm confused now. If AAH is a dead clan and none ever hit Yafi then how could the above happen? Yeah I'm being facetious I know lol.

    As for gold - the most gold is gained hitting another big account, especially one that has no or few pots so better to never leave AAH and hit Satan or bully or one of the other 20 hansels all day if its just about gold.

    As an aside I was hitting lords clan until I was asked not too by an AAH council member on the basis that they are not involved in our war.

    I really have no wish to get involved in another debate on here. You guys will hit whoever you want as will we, but to try and suggest devastation are anything more than folk some AAH warred and decided to team up with for estoc is wrong.

    They certainly aren't a clan we want you to hit instead of AAH. You convinced ig to run from the war on that reason I know but let's get serious here. You think they are being used as cannon fodder then don't fall for it and hit us instead - simples .
  5. By remaining members in AAH, I meant those that have not went to Devastation clan (termed as remaining survivors).
    FYI, the word was that there are inc from AAH, but only from a selected few. These selected few went to Devastation clan and hit us from there. I did not say none ever hit YAFI, don't twist words bro.
    There are still very little incoming from the bulk of AAH as of now.

    As for gold, EBs don't hit back, and hence earn players more in the long run. You may earn more for clearing a bar or 2 on a big hansel, but if you get hit or pinned thereafter, you don't.

    Teaming up on Estoc is considered as helping our enemy earn mithrils, which I have told you. Of course we can't stop them from doing that, but we do not mind bringing them into a multi month or multi year OSW for that action. It's public knowledge that we love OSW anyway. Devastation clan owner has been advised (or warned, which is probably how you guys would have seen it) and he has chosen to war us. His clan also consists of 3 runners who have not officially asked for CF.

    As for AAH history, everyone knows how you guys hit AnD by accusing them for being involved in our war when they aren't. That happened when you guys were outnumbering us by lots.

    This is one of the rare times that I have heard AAH council to ask their members to stop hitting another clan hosting our member. It is probably because it is a rare first time for us not to be outnumbered or outgunned.

    Lastly, iG did not run from the war like you said. They were doing a great job pinning us, but they were probably disgusted by how you guys treat your allies, and we acknowledged and respected that because we know you guys, having warred for so long. Your post has just portrayed how you guys view them.
  6. Ok - my last post as this is turning into another dull debate lol. Just to clear up a few things you said.

    It's not the first time AAH council have said to not hit someone during this war. Plenty of other times eg DC clan. When extreme retired and moved to old Yafi - I think the exact words in cc were "if he's not playing anymore then don't hit him and give him the respect he deserves"

    Re Ig - My view of ig is a personal one and was done watching from the sidelines and talking to folk from all sides including yafi and ig. They joined a war thinking they could help to end it, realised they couldn't and looked for and saw the opportunity to run with a pathetic and inaccurate excuse. I have no respect left for a clan with whom I've osw before and had friends in. I could say more but promised individuals I wouldn't go public on the details.

    I've explained the truth re devastation and still you try to twist so I will leave you to your own view but you guys are not really folk who pin people for long periods. It sometimes happens for a while but not that often. I've not hit an eb for months and have managed to pot up pretty well and upgrade despite having several hundred inc a day at times lol.
  7. Agree that it is turning into a dull debate, primarily due to your warped comparisons.

    It is a different case for Extremist, because he would be dumb to hit as it serves minimal purpose in an OSW, especially when he has minimal pots and minimal allies. It is just like how we gave minimal hits to inactive, retired or banned accounts in AAH. But to hit people who help our enemies, that serves a purpose. You know AAH has done that plenty, and you know that is one of OSW tactics.

    Of course what you said were true about clan devastation, something which I have never denied. I am stating exactly what we told them and how we see it, which is they chose to support AAH and war us. So it is really amazing how you could even view it as a twisting of words, when I did not deny any of your words and merely stated our clan's views.

    And yep, we don't pin people for long periods of time. That isn't our OSW strategy because we are usually outnumbered previously. You could probably grow if you focus your hits on members who are usually too busy to return hits and only help in strips.
  8. Always outnumbered never out gunned - at least we don't go crying for help so bring it on - less talk more fire །༜།ᎩᎪ_JUDGMENT_FེᎥ།༜།
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