An Open Discussion about Estoc Trial War Times

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by admin, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. Basically, all wars should be kept the same. Except:
    War 2
    PDT - Tuesday - 4pm-4:30pm
    EDT - Tuesday - 7pm-7:30pm
    GMT - Tuesday - 11pm-11:30pm
    SGT - Wednesday - 7am-7:30am

    War 5
    PDT - Tuesday - 4pm-4:30pm
    EDT - Tuesday - 7pm-7:30pm
    GMT - Tuesday - 11pm-11:30pm
    SGT - Wednesday - 7am-7:30am

    War3/5 because it suits all timezones better.

    War 12
    PDT - Tuesday - 3pm-3:30pm
    EDT - Tuesday - 6pm-6:30pm
    GMT - Tuesday - 10pm-10:30pm
    SGT - Wednesday - 6am-6:30am

    War12 because I felt war3/5 original time had to go somewhere. :lol:
  2. I like aerynnas schedule
  3. To all those saying dont change the times. If i see you on another thread complaining about a no match up im goner farm your ass
  4. War times have little to do with size and strength of no matches. All I can say is open fire little man 
  5. @ Val, more kingdoms, more matchups. Dont think your build scares me
  6. I'm a teenager with a strict mum and the only wars I have a hope of getting on are war 3 7 9
    War 9 is good but 3 and 7 should be 1 hour earlier I think so...

    war#3 -waR start time shown
    PDT-Wednesday -10am-10:30am
    EDT-Wednesday - 1pm-1:30pm
    GMT-Wednesday - 6pm-6:30pm
    SGT-Thursday - 1am-1:30am

    Coz for SGT 1am I would say is better for them than 2am
    GMT I would say only effect like younger players like me
    EDT 2pm and 1pm not much difference
    PDT 10Am and 11am same not much difference

    War #7-war start time shown
    EDT-Friday- 2pm-2:30pm

    PDT:11pm is better than 12pm
    EDT :2pm may may not be better for workers
    GMT:7pm Friday is perfect if say
    SGT:again 2am better than 3am but still not good
  7. @Bellum.. Not my build , just me 
  8. Lmao, bring it

  9. The above suggested times are great!
  10. SGT -9pm
    All good timing for asians
    No AM PLS 
  11. @W32_SQLE ur suggestive times go against everything us Europeans r asking and accommodating US, which I know u r based. Stop thinking of urself as the times for US r already suitable but not or Europe, hence the reason why dev's have put this post together.

    All times r fine except would prefer:
    Tues 9pm GMT
    Thurs 9pm GMT
  12. Move war 2 and 5 1 hour ahead
  13. And please publish GMT times as they should be published- i.e correct actual GMT times.

    My main is now in war that I thought started @ 10pm, turns out it starts @ 11pm.

    So when I said I agreed with times posted by aerynna, i mean his/her times, but NOT plus 1 hour

    Correct GMT times only please from now on.
  14. I work at times that change each work day and are time shifted so I normally try for all the wars I can. I appreciate the developers trying to have a bigger world view and looking at work/school and sleep schedules.

    The other way to get more players in a war could be to increase the lower limit in select wars. I would suggest starting with a couple war times that have higher maximum limits currently, and then look at the total number of players and the number of clans participating and see if this change is of benefit. Currently clans shoot for the lower end of the player range to minimize no matches.

    Thank you for considering this, as it is not exactly in the format requested. 
  15. I support Lancelots times.

    I think that part of the reason you get less sign up for the asian timezones is that the North Americans don't need to sign up because they have plenty of others to choose from. Force them to sign up for less convenient times.
  16. @mossy- great idea *sarcasm* I already sit my clan out of 3-4 wars a week. Lets increase the number of bad war times ... Makes prefect sense 
  17. @ Val, thanks for your support *sarcasm* I am just trying to make it fair for the three major timezones
  18. What about central america :(
  19. Devs, i dont think you should change current times, you will make people agry that are looking forward to warring at that time.... instead i think you guys should add a whole nother set of wars for euro/asia maybe wars 12-20 devoted on making every time zone (no matter the activity of that war) happy
  20. These War Times are awful for GMT. Considering that since British Summer Time has started (only in clock version, rain is still pouring ) we now have to add an hour to GMT (2am --> 3am, etc) it's awful. It's either really late at night, early hours of the morning or just weekends, and I like to do stuff at the weekends. Yes, I enjoy playing, but I enjoy having RL too 
    Sorry but open discussion and personally, I hate them >.<
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